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Tupperware was invented by Earl Silas Tupper
In 1937, Earl Silas Tupper was a chemist and employee at a DuPont chemical plant. Plastic was a baby at the time and had a miserable reputation. It was briittle, fragile, smelly, ugly and seemed inadequate for even the simplest task.
Mr Tupper needed plastic for his experiments but during World War II, plastics were scarce.  He arranged for Dupont to sell him remnants in the form of polyethylene slag, waste product of the refining process.  It was black, rock-hard, smelly and almost impossible to work with.  Mr Tupper took polythene slag and he purified it and turned it into a mouldable plastic – this had never been done before.  The result was flexible, durable and pleasing to the senses.  The material retained its original shape when squeezed and it was unbreakable.

The Tupperware Seal
 In 1942, Mr Tupper brought his first manufacturing plant in Farnumsville, Massachusetts, USA.  Mr Tupper was still not satisfied.  He wanted a lid for his plastic container that was water-tight and kept food fresh and was spill-proof.  He wanted the plastic container to sit in a refrigerator at any angle.  Mr Tupper’s inspiration for the world famous Tupperware seal came from the lid on a paint can as this was able to keep paint from drying out for years.  The Tupperware Seal was born.
The first Sales 
In 1946, Mr Tupper introduced the Tupper Plastics brand products to American consumers.  He began by marketing the products in hardware and department stores as well as by catalogue.  The products were not a big hit with customers.  What Mr Tupper needed was someone introducing the product to customers and explaining their unique features and benefits and how to work the famous Seal.

A Setback  
‘In retail stores, Tupperware fell flat on its face’  Business Week, 1954.

Customers were accustomed to products made of glass, earthenware and metal and they didn’t understand how to use Earl Tupper’s products or how to handle the revolutionary Tupper Seal.  Mr Tupper had the invention but he didn’t know how to market the product to consumers.  Enter Brownie Wise.
Brownie Wise
A friend gave Brownie Wise her first set of Tupperware bowls bought from a hardware store.  It took Brownie three days to understand how the Seal worked on her bowls.  But once she understood she began to show others.  Brownie was so excited about the potential of selling the Tupperware products through a new selling and distribution method called Party Plan, a method that had been recently been introduced into Stanley Home parties where she was an employee.
Brownie Wise wrote to Earl Tupper and suggested that she sell Tupperware products by Party Plan.  This method of selling was new to Earl Tupper but nevertheless he sent Brownie a product price list and full permission to sell, sell, sell!
Tupperware Parties 
In 1949, Mr Tupper noticed that Brownie Wise was selling more Tupperware than anyone else.  He invited her to Massachusetts to meet with him and some other company leaders to discuss the potential of Party Plan, she did and the rest is history!

By April 1951, Tupperware was officially pulled from retail stores and Brownie Wise was the first Vice President and General Manager of the new ‘Home Parties’ business’.
Tupperware Today

Tupperware Southern Africa has been changing lives for over 45 years! Tupperware continues to grow, today selling in more than 100 countries worldwide! In the new millennium, consumers can always count on the same quality of Tupperware products representing extraordinary design for everyday living. The vast product range means that there is something for everyone, whether it be storing, freezing, microwaving, preparing or serving. The innovation also continues even today and we are finding new and exciting ways to enhance and develop the product.  

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