Allegra Mugs (400ml x 4)

The perfect mug for morning coffee, afternoon tea or an Ice tea in between…
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The perfect mug for morning coffee, afternoon tea or an Ice tea in between…

Features and benefits:
• Its attractive design makes it perfectly matching to the existing Allegra range.
• The Allegra Mug offers the usages for breakfast, lunch, supper, dinner and for having a drink in a break.
• With its capacity of 400 ml, the Allegra Mug is the ideal size for serving hot and cold drinks.
• The Allegra Mug has a liquid tight seal and can therefore be used not only at home, but also for taking with you for work or picnics (when transported vertically).
• It is stable on the table and nest for space-saving storage. The covers nest on top.
• The Mug’s secure and safe handle makes it easy to grab not only for grown ups, but also for kids. Besides, the ergonomic handle is suitable for left and right handed people.
• Close to the handle, there have been added some fine ribs which are not only a nice design feature, but also prevent your hand from burning when using the tumbler. Due to those ribs, your hand is not in direct contact with the hot surface of the mug and makes it easy to grab the handle without any problem.
• Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

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Base Colour Fuchsia Kiss
Colour Crocus
Capacity 400ml
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Do not use knives or sharp utensils

Not intended for microwave use

Tupperware recommends hand washing and towel drying to retain the products appearance

Dishwasher safe

Not recommended for the freezer

• Drinking hot drinks and cold drinks – from breakfast, coffee, lunch, tea, supper, to bedtime … anytime, anywhere, this mug will serve you in comfort.
• Take to picnics – the Mug is ready to serve everyone's choice of beverage.
• Eating outdoors – colorful, easy to hold, nice to drink from and safe in garden or at the pool – the Mug will be popular with family and friends. The seal avoids annoying insects to get inside or near your drink.
• Table serving – for every Allegra table setting, the Mug will offer the right item to drink from.
• Use it for all types of cold drinks such as ice tea, juice or cold refreshing coffees.
• The Allegra Mug can be used to serve and drink hot tea or coffee. Additionally, the Mug can be used for serving soup or milk.

To use:
• To apply the seal, put it on the Mug and close it by pushing with your 2 thumbs in the middle of the seal and hold the mug with both hands at the same time.
• To remove the seal, put your thumb in the middle of the seal and lift by using the one of the two big tabs.

• Both, the Allegra Mug and seal are dishwasher safe. Do not use a scouring sponge or abrasive cleaner when cleaning.
• The Allegra Mug must not be used in the microwave oven for reheating its content. The Mug might tip over during the reheating process.
• It is recommended to always carry the Allegra Mug in upright position and not to fill it with carbonated drinks when applying the seal.
• The Allegra Mug must not be closed when filled with hot content as the mugs will get under vacuum and will get damaged.

How to Clean:
● Clean and dry your product before first use.
● Do not use a scouring sponge or abrasive cleaner when cleaning.
● Dishwasher safe. Use a low temperature program on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
● Remove the seals before putting in the dishwasher.
Safety and Caution:
● Dishwasher safe.
● Do NOT put hot liquids in the Eco Bottle.
● The Eco Bottle cannot be used in the freezer or in the microwave.
●The Luncher cannot be used in the microwave, freezer or oven.
● The Eco Bottle is not suitable for carbonated water or sodas.
● Use a low-temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
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