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I have lost my Demonstrator (Consultant) code. Can you help me?

Your Distributorship office will be able to assist you with this query. Contact the Distributorship that you are currently registered at for assistance. Please note that if you have not made sales for the last 3 months consecutively, you will need to register again. You can start the process here: Register.

How can I get access to the Mobi Website?

The Mobi Website is available to all registered Tupperware® Demonstrators. You simply need to log in with your registered cellphone number and PIN. If you cannot log in, please contact your Distributorship office for assistance. Find Contact details here.

Can I purchase from another Distributorship using my Demonstrator Code?

Unfortunately you cannot purchase from another Distributorship. Your sales will not be recognised at a different Distributorship. This means that you will not receive your earnings and it will have an impact on your Incentive Rewards.

How do I earn Incentive Rewards?

If you achieve the Sales Levels listed in the monthly incentive magazine during the segment or promotional dates that are valid for that period, you will earn that corresponding reward. It’s important to always be aware of the segment open and close dates to ensure that your sales are recorded within that period to earn your incentive rewards.

How do I grow in my Tupperware® business?

At Tupperware® we have tools available to our Tupperware® Consultants to become the best Demonstrators in Southern Africa. It’s important for you to attend training whenever there is training set up at your registered Distributorship, it’s FREE! Training enables Consultants to demonstrate the benefits of Tupperware® products to customers. Training also assists you to understand the Tupperware® business and helps you develop your business further and grow in your Tupperware® career.

Support a local small business by Connecting with a Tupperware® Consultant

Get expert support and advice on finding the perfect products.


Host a Party that everyone will remember, demonstrate products, share recipes and more in the comfort of your home.


Start your own business and Join the Tupperware team. Be your own boss, earn money and rewards.

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