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10 Steps To Setting Up Your Dream Kitchen

Woman setting up her dream kitchen
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10 steps to setting up your dream kitchen

Your ideal kitchen in 10 easy steps...from cleaning to organization and storage, here’s everything you need to live the dream.

1. Work according to a plan

A good plan can save you a lot of time when setting up your new kitchen. Separate your kitchen items into categories such as countertops, cupboards, pantry, drawers, and storage. Complete each category one at a time.

2. Declutter

Now is a great time to donate or sell old kitchen utensils, appliances, cutlery, and other items you no longer use. This will help declutter and empty some space in your kitchen. Pack and transport these items in old pillowcases or crates to avoid the use of single-use plastic bags #NoTimeToWaste

3. Keep the essentials

Some items get better with age, like your trusted can opener, or salad servers. Keep the sentimental and essential kitchen items, but donate the items you no longer use.

4. Start with a clean slate

Give your countertops and cabinets a good clean before arranging your new kitchen setup. Wash your kitchen tools and appliances according to their individual cleaning instructions.

5. Pack accordingly

The order in which items are packed is also something to keep in mind when personalizing your kitchen storage. Within each of category, arrange your items according to how often they are used. This could be as simple as keeping your special occasions glassware behind your everyday glassware, etc.

6. Clean and declutter regularly

The trick to a good kitchen setup lies in maintaining your newly-organized space on a day to day basis. Try to put kitchen items back in their place once used, or spend 30 minutes on the weekend doing a quick declutter and reorganization.

7. Use cabinet space wisely

You’ll want to use all cabinet and vertical space for the most effective storage plan in your kitchen. Place items that aren’t used regularly on top shelves and keep a stool handy for easy access.

Pro Tip: Consider packing smaller items together in baskets or containers, especially if they are in spaces that are harder to reach.

8. Use good kitchen organization tools

Kitchen organization tools are extremely helpful when it comes to setting up and personalizing your new kitchen. Keep your kitchen utensils accessible and centralized with the Holder. If you’ve ever had to organize a smaller kitchen, you’ll know how hard it can be to find a dark and well-ventilated space to store your potatoes, luckily, the Potato Smart has you covered! You can also practically stack the Onion Garlic Mate right on top to store your onions, too!

9. Clean as you go

Cleaning up right after you finish a task in the kitchen is an easy way to save yourself midnight dish duty, or early morning mopping. Sometimes the simple tricks save you the most time ;)

10. Categorize your food

Before your kitchen organization is truly complete, you need to tackle the pantry. You can use storage containers like the Space Savers to divide food, and make it easy for the family to find their favourite snack.

If you’re looking for more kitchen tips check out our microwave guide and freezing guide.

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