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3 Reasons Why Infused Water is Better Than Plain

3 Reasons Why Infused Water is Better Than Plain
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3 Reasons Why Infused Water is Better Than Plain

Our bodies are around 60% water, and the recommended daily water intake is around 8 glasses a day(0), so why is it so hard to get it all in? Plain water can be, well, boring. So why not bring some color and flavor into your daily water intake with the reusable, eco-friendly Eco Bottle 750 ml or the Infuser Bottle 700ml.

Here are three reasons infused water is better than plain:

1. It makes you feel better

Getting enough water keeps you hydrated and makes you feel more energized. Infusing it makes it more tasty and less boring, so you’re more likely to drink more. Start with just 500 ml more than you currently drink and you’ll notice the difference!

2. Control cravings and snack less

If you have a desk job, you can probably relate to craving a snack or two. Try drinking a little water when you feel peckish. More often than not, when we feel hungry, we’re actually dehydrated. So reach for an infused water instead of unhealthy sugary snacks.

3. Boost your energy levels

Reach for your bottle of infused water and feel a boost of energy. Our reusable bottles are also great for keeping track of your daily intake.

Infusing your water makes it even easier and more fun to stay hydrated. Turn your daily 2-liter intake into a refreshing and healthy soda alternative that will be great for the whole family.

With our Citrus Infuser 700ml and Eco Bottle 750 ml, you can make a range of yummy water infusions. Try this:

  1. Grab your Cutting Board and Universal Series Utility Knife.
  2. Cut up your ingredients to fit the Eco Bottle or Citrus Infuser 700ml.
  3. Place your small pieces of fruits, veggies, or herbs inside the Eco Bottle 750 ml. Or place your selected pieces directly into the Eco Bottle citrus Infuser 700ml. Your bottle should be empty.
  4. Fill your Eco Bottle or Citrus Infuser with water, and give it a shake if you are going to be drinking it immediately. Otherwise, you can pop your water into the fridge and let it infuse.
  5. The longer you leave it to infuse, the stronger the flavors will be.

Ideas for infusions

Try some of the following combinations or get creative and brainstorm your own :)

Combinations for your Citrus Infuser 700ml

Spiced Apple:

  • 3 Slices of apple
  • 1 seedless Apple core
  • 2 cinnamon stick (halved)

Refreshing Citrus:

  • ¼ Frozen raspberries
  • ½ Orange
  • ½ Lemon

Combinations for your 750 ml Eco Bottle

Cool Cucumber and Mint

  • Thin slices of cucumber
  • Lime
  • Springs of mint

Spa Water

  • Blueberries
  • Slices of Orange

Pro Tip: Once you’ve finished your water, you can simply refill your bottle. The infusion won’t be as strong but it will still be delicious and will be more sustainable. And that’s it. Remember to share your favourite infusions with us on social media!


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