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Day in the life of a Tupperware consultant

Day in the life of a Tupperware consultant
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Day in the life of a Tupperware consultant

So many of us are rethinking the way we live and work right now. Ever wondered what it would be like to do both your way, with a brand you know and trust?

Tupperware is always with you

We make it easy to work when you want—even if you already have another job and are just looking to make some extra cash for a home project or family vacation. When you’re the boss, you set your own hours, so you can make time for your family—and YOU! And the best part is you become part of something bigger than yourself—a global network of Tupperware friends who are really more like a family.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out a day in the life of a Tupperware consultant.

Friday, 6:30 am: the alarm goes off and I open my eyes with one thought: coffee.

7:00 am: As I sip my coffee and get the kids going, I mentally go over the details for tonight’s Tupperware Party. Everything has been pretty much set since Wednesday evening when I checked in with the hostess. We went over what we’d be demonstrating. My Tupperware bag is packed with everything I need. One of the kids can’t find her backpack. I sigh and go upstairs to help look for it.

8:30 am: We all leave the house—my husband takes the kids to school and I’m on my way to my part-time job as a nurse.

12:30 pm: I’m back home tidying up the house, and finishing up a cake for party tonight. I sit down to have a little lunch of my own.

1:30 pm: My oldest comes home from school and we sit down for a snack so he can tell me about his day. Afterward, he has therapy for a physical impairment. Together with his therapist, we’re making great progress despite his challenges. I’m so proud of him and so happy that we can afford this therapy thanks to my extra income!

3:30 pm We go pick up his little sister from school. My daughter calls our time after school “Child Time,” and my husband joins the fun when he gets home from work.

5 pm: Now it’s MY time. I take a moment to just breathe. Then I double-check to make sure I have everything I need for the party: catalogs, flyers, paperwork—yep, it’s all there.

5:30 pm: I take my son to his sports practice. This gives me an hour to myself to catch up on new products in the guide or on the website or follow up with the hostess for my next party. I love that I can accomplish all of this right on my smartphone. The world is my office :)

6:30 pm: The family has dinner together and I’m starting to get excited for the evening’s party.

7 pm: I’m on my own, driving to the party. I love this time to myself and the feeling of switching from mom to businesswoman.

8 pm: The party is off to a great start. I am in my element: demonstrating products, showcasing offers and confidently answering questions. My hostess is beaming and it makes me happy to see that she and her friends are having fun, too.

11:30 pm: I’m home from the party, tired yet energized! I wind down the day with a cup of herbal tea before falling into bed.


P.S. These days, we’ve had to shift the party online due to COVID-19. But that’s the beauty of Tupperware—the flexibility to adapt to almost any situation. The virtual Tupperware party comes to life through texts, online videos, tips & tricks and social media posts. The best part is I’m fully supported with the tools I need to make it all flow easily. And my colleagues at Tupperware are the best. We’re all going through these challenging times together...and I think it’s made us even closer than we were before. We can’t wait for the time when we can book parties live and in person, but for now, I’m making the best of it and still having fun, learning new things...and best of all, making money to help my family.

Interested in making Tupperware a part of your daily life? Join us today!

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