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Easy DIY For Easter

Easy DIY For Easter
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Easy DIY For Easter

Bunnies, egg hunts, sweet wonder Easter is fun for kids—and the kid in all of us.

Spend time connecting with yourself, reflecting on new beginnings and creating new memories. Whether you’re on your own or gathering with friends and family, there are so many ways to celebrate the season—starting with our classic Carrot Cake recipe.

It’s one of our favorite traditions...and it’s sure to become one of yours, too, especially with our tips for creating these adorable decorations for the perfect Easter cake.

Easter Grass

Create your own field of green using some store-bought green fondant.

  1. Break the fondant into small pieces and place it in your Garlic Press.
  2. Voila! Some green grass to top your cake.

Easter Carrots

Gather 6 or 7 medium strawberries, 75g of white chocolate, a few drops of orange food coloring and some edible orange glitter.


  1. Break the white chocolate into pieces and place it in the MicroCook Pitcher 1L, cover, and microwave for 1 min. 15 sec. at 360 watts. Allow standing for 1 min. Mix using the Silicone Spatula and, if chocolate is not completely melted, microwave again for 30 sec. Add a few drops of orange food coloring and mix well.
  2. Wash and dry strawberries and make sure to keep the green tops intact.
  3. Carefully dip them into the melted chocolate. Sprinkle with edible glitter.
  4. Place them on the Silicone Baking Sheet and allow them to cool.
  5. Place the grass on the cake and arrange the carrots on top. How cute and easy is that?

Chocolate Easter Nests

You and your kids (or the kid in you!) will love to make these Chocolate Easter Nests. They’re a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen...and they’re chocolate. Need we say anything more?

Want more Easter Nests, try out our Petite Easter Nests recipe.

Gather ingredients:

  • 350g chocolate
  • 220g of smooth peanut butter
  • 500g pretzel sticks (broken into approx. 3-5cm pieces)
  • 300g candy chocolate eggs
  • 500g shredded coconut
  • Green food coloring


  1. Melt chocolate and peanut butter on low heat stirring continuously with your Simple spoon.
  2. Place pretzel sticks in the That's a Bowl and pour the melted chocolate and peanut butter over all. Stir gently to evenly coat pretzel sticks.
  3. Take 2 scoops of the mixture and form into little mounds on the Silicone Baking Sheet. Shape into nests and refrigerate for 30 minutes or until set.
  4. Meanwhile, stir coconut with food coloring to create grass for your nests.
  5. Place grass on serving plate; set nests on top and fill with candy chocolate eggs. Simple and adorable!

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