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Edible and Sustainable Christmas Table Décor

Edible and Sustainable Christmas Table Décor
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Edible and Sustainable Christmas Table Décor

‘tis the season of giving and that includes being thoughtful to Mother Nature. Don’t get reeled in by fancy wrapping paper, single-use products and throwaway decorations you’ll only have laid out on the table for 24 hours before throwing them straight in the trash. It’s easy to avoid needless waste – we’ve put our sustainable thinking cap on to bring you creative suggestions on how to spruce up the dining table with bright, fun, and even totally edible, decorations! Here’s our cheat sheet on how to bring your table to life.

Grab a bowl, Save a Tree!

Grab a Bowl, Save a Tree!

While it’s lovely to have a real tree in the home and decorate together as a family, you can save nature’s greenery this year and instead use your tree decorations for another purpose… putting up your That’s A Bowl tree! Here’s how:

  1. Fill each level with different colored fairy lights that will shine through your bowls to really light up the ambience.
  2. Have the tower stacked in size order to create a ‘tree’ shape. Fill them with loads of different foods, so when your guests take their place, you can dismantle your TAB tree to start serving. Pretty on the outside, useful on the inside!
  3. Another option for your TAB tree is to fill each bowl with gifts. What a pleasant surprise your guests will get when they sit down and you hand each of them a bowl. A shirt for dad, fancy chocs for your other half, toiletries for your sister, and cuddly toys for the kids - everyone’s a winner at your table!
  4. Don’t forget about the exterior. You can still give your old tree decorations some use, but this time drape some tinsel artfully around your tower. What will it be – angel or star at the top?

The Wreath of Tupperware

Old wreath laying around the house? Go get it! This is one great-looking centrepiece that will spike the curiosity of your diners, and make itself useful at the same time.

Get crafty and decorate if you have bows, beads and beyond in your craft box. Then it’s time to add the interesting part – finishing the décor with Tupperware products! Place table essentials around the wreath, such as the Corkscrew or EcoStraw for the kids. You can even be extra generous and add some bonus Tupperware that guests can choose from and take one home as a gift.

The Wreath of Tupperware

Pro Tip: Make an edible version and use our recipes below to fill the middle with stand-up Christmas tree cookies. On the wreath itself, make a batch of Shortcrust Cookies and Jam Stars and place them equally around it, free for guests to pick from during that lovely after-dinner lull when everyone wonders if there’s still room for another bite (the answer is undoubtedly: yes).

Eat Me!

Eat me!

Don't forget to stay hydrated in this heat!

These tasteful table decorations are as much fun to make as they are to eat!

Santa’s Sleigh

Here’s a novel use for the Butter Dish – turn it into Santa’s edible Sleigh(1)! Create something a little out of the ordinary with an unexpected product. Just stock up on some treats and you’ll be sleighing your guests with your creativity in no time!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 candy canes
  • Chocolate Santa
  • Assorted Christmas chocolates or treats

How to build your sleigh:

  • Take each candy cane and hook the top around the base of the Butter Dish.
  • Sit your wrapped chocolate Santa at the front of the butter dish (or you could even even place a toy one if you already have one amongst your Christmas decorations).
  • Fill the rest of the Butter Dish behind your Santa with assorted candy to create the effect of the ‘sleigh’ being laden with presents.

So now you can even save a spot for Santa himself at the table – and your guests certainly won’t hesitate in helping themselves to his goods when it comes to the perfect choccie accompaniment for after-dinner coffee.

Christmas Tree Cookies

  1. Use our Christmas Cookie recipe to make your dough mix and follow cooking instructions.
  2. Cut your cookies into Christmas tree shapes using the Cutting Board.
  3. You will need x2 tree shapes for each cookie. Make one with a top slit and the other with a bottom slit, so that you can slot them together once baked.
  4. Decorate to the tune of your own style – you could go minimalist and add tiny bauble dots of icing, or completely cover your trees with green icing.
Christmas Cookies

Pro Tip: Make it a white Christmas if you end up creating green icing trees and dust icing sugar over your finished bakes for a snowy effect.

Now that the table is set, it’s probably a good idea to put some food on it! Our Ultimate Christmas Menu will have you on your way to festive fulfilment in no time, with recipes for every course AND every favourite.


(1) Setting for four:

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