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Edible Christmas gifts and décor ideas

Edible Christmas gifts and décor ideas
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Edible Christmas gifts and décor ideas

There’s a lot to love about the festive season - the twinkly lights, festive gatherings, special treats, and family traditions. But there’s one more thing we’d like to add to the list this year to make it even more special and sustainable – edible Christmas décor.

A zero-waste Christmas

Edible Christmas decorations are more than just beautiful, delicious, and personalized ornaments. They’re also the affordable and sustainable zero-waste alternative to traditional Christmas décor that is as fab for your home as it is for the environment.

What’s more, there are endless possibilities when it comes to sprucing up your home with edible Christmas décor. Here are a few examples of how to go eco with Christmas décor.

Table Decoration

Chocolate Christmas tree recipe

While a Christmas tree made entirely of chocolate may sound like the sort of thing that only exists on your children’s Christmas wish lists, our chocolate Christmas tree recipe is real and ready to be shared as a special gift or used as a stunning centerpiece on your Christmas table.

Gingerbread house

A gingerbread house not only makes an eye-catching table decoration, it’s also a creative way to bring the family together and make some magic in the kitchen. You can’t make a gingerbread house without a few gingerbread man cookies to live inside.

Tree Decoration

Our stained-glass cookies are the perfect decoration to hang from your tree. The Christmas lights will twinkle through the 'windows' of the cookies, giving them a colorful Christmas glow.

Go Green Tip: Cut down on your carbon footprint and your electric bill over the festive period by investing in solar-powered Christmas lights, they’re relatively inexpensive and are also reusable.

Bonus edible gifts option

For a Secret Santa gift idea that combines function and flavor, why not gift your buddy with a Clear Bowl Collection containing a variety of edible treats like Christmas Stamp Cookies, Mini Pavlovas, and Gluten-free Christmas Stars for the more health-conscious ;)

Now that you’ve set the standard for your Christmas decorations, it’s time to think about creating the perfect Christmas meal, here’s what you’ll need.

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