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How to make your dream kitchen sustainable

How to make your dream kitchen sustainable
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Tupperware is better than single-use disposables. Here’s why.

Now is the time to make your kitchen and life more eco-friendly. Try and use only the following:

  • Single-use plastic cutlery (forks, knives, spoons and chopsticks)
  • Single-use plastic plates
  • Plastic straws
  • Cotton bud sticks made of plastic
  • Plastic balloon sticks
  • Oxo-degradable plastics and food containers and expanded polystyrene cups

The silver lining: at Tupperware, we’re always creating new ways to make your life easier—and now more sustainable than ever before. Let us help you transform your kitchen into an eco-friendly space.

1. Switch to safe, sustainable, reusable Tupperware products.

Single-use items that we get when we eat out or buy food are one of the single biggest contributors to plastic pollution. Make the easy change to our Allegra/Legacy Plates, Outdoor Dining Cutlery and Inspirations Tumbler with a seal? Instead of using disposables at work or at outdoor events, you can use your very own set of durable, high-quality plates and forks that will last you a lifetime. The different new Tupperware products come in fresh, summery colours that you and the whole family will love so why not invest in a set for school lunches too?

2. Use an Eco+ Straw, Eco Bottle, or Commuter Mug with you

Use an Eco+ Straw instead of a plastic one. Safe, easy to clean, and a perfect reusable replacement for those pesky plastic straws that end up in the ocean. Being eco-friendly is mostly about planning ahead and Tupperware has so many solutions to help you on your journey to being green.

Staying hydrated is important to keep your body and mind healthy but instead of buying bottled water, why not fill your Eco Bottle at home? Choose between a 500ml, 750ml or a 1.5L bottle and you can even add a few berries into Eco Bottle citrus Infuser 700ml to add a twist to your drink.

Going green doesn’t mean you have to ditch your daily caffeine fix. Carry a Commuter Mug for coffee instead getting a disposable cup from your favorite coffee shop. A pro tip from the Tupperware kitchen: if you’re a slow coffee drinker, fill your Commuter Mug at home and enjoy your coffee hot for a longer period of time! And you minimize the amount of cold coffee wasted.

3. Reduce food waste

The number one priority in kitchens all around the world is reducing the amount of food we waste. Our VentSmart Range is perfect for keeping food fresher, for longer. There are a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can organize the contents of your fridge quickly and easily. The handy pictogram on each container will tell you what we recommend storing in each one. The best part? They’re dishwasher safe so you save time and water on the cleanup!

Meal prepping is another smart way of reducing food waste. When you meal prep, you shop with a plan which means less buying unnecessary items and more time to spend out and about during the week because lunch and dinner is done and dusted on a Sunday. Invest in a few CrystalWave or Snack Sets for your meals to minimize on the amount of single-use containers or aluminum foil you use.

4. Start recycling

Your 2020 sustainable kitchen needs more than one bin! Start by investing in one recycling bin and separating out any plastic that can be recycled. Be sure to rinse items before you pop them into your recycling bin. Separating your waste out is also a great way to live a greener life.

Sustainable living is more than just a trend. At Tupperware, we are committed to providing smart solutions for people wanting to move towards sustainable living. Transform your kitchen with Tupperware and go green this year! #NoTimeToWaste

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