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The Ultimate Guide to Pantry Organisation

The Ultimate Guide to Pantry Organisation
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The Ultimate Guide to Pantry Organisation

Happy New Year! We hope your 2021 is off to a flying start. As you look ahead take time to plan the milestones, hopes and dreams for the new year. If not, now’s certainly the time. We’re here to show you how to make 2021 your best year yet.

Here are lots more tips to get your pantry organised like a pro!

1. Pick the right pantry set

A Pinterest-worthy pantry is easier than you think. Being disciplined to shop in bulk and avoid pre-packaged goods helps you on your organizational and environmental journey, with your containers acting as just the vessels you need to make your pantry more sustainable. No longer will you have to clear up mess from loose packaging that somehow gets into every nook and cranny, or worry that pests or humidity will spoil the contents.

These beauties also allow you to make your move away from expensive, bells and whistles-style packaging which boast ‘easy pour’ or ‘easy close’, and towards a more minimalistic direction, where you can pick up simple, inexpensive packaging - saving you money - so you can transfer the contents straight from the packet and into your containers.

Space Savers are thoughtfully designed to store a wide variety of items in all shapes and sizes. Stackable, tightly sealed, and transparent, items stay fresh and easy to spot at a glance. You can even label contents, expiration dates and cooking times, so no more pondering over how long it actually takes to cook those lentils!

2. Create flow

Consider the items you use the most and put those together at eye level to create an efficient flow. The beauty is that your Space Savers can be organized for your specific needs and kitchen set-up, not the other way around! For example, you might want your meal prep staples closest to hand, your baking essentials grouped in a cozy corner, and all your dried food shut away behind the cupboard doors. There’s no wrong answer! So you know where to begin, here’s some handy inspo on what to store where and how much, from little too large.

Spice Savers High 250 ml and Low 100ml

  • Pepper (140 g)
  • Dried parsley (40 g)
  • Mixed herbs (80 g)
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Bay leaves

Space Saver Oval 500 ml

  • Salt (500 g)
  • Ground and whole nuts (200 g)
  • Breakfast cereal flakes (100 g)
  • Raisins (250 g)

Space Saver Oval 1.1 l

  • Sugar (1 kg)
  • Semolina (750 g)
  • Rice (750 g)
  • Legumes (750 - 800 g)
  • Starch (500 g)
  • Dried fruit (500 g)
  • Breadcrumbs (400 g)
  • Coconut flakes (250 - 300 g)
  • Instant cocoa (400 g)

Space Saver Oval 1.7 l

  • Flour (1 kg)
  • Pasta (e.g. Macaroni, Shells 500 g)
  • Rice (1.2 – 1.3 kg)
  • Coffee (500 g)

Space Saver Oval 2.3 l

  • Pasta: noodles, spirals (500 g)
  • Muesli (750 g)
  • Sugar (2 kg)

Space Saver Oval 2.9 l

  • Cornflakes (750 g)
  • Cannelloni (500 g)

Space Saver Square 1.1 l

  • Tray bakes
  • Cookies
  • Sweets
  • Granola

Space Saver Square 2.6 l

  • Cookies (large quantities)
  • Cake (large quantities)

Space Savers Square 4.0 l

  • Pasta (large quantities)
  • Flour (large quantities)
  • Baked goods

Space Saver Round 1.1 l and 1.1 l with Liquid Seal

  • Spaghetti (large quantities)
  • Homemade oil
  • Vinegar

3. Group food by lifestyle

Instead of simply organising by category, try organizing by lifestyle. For example, if you’re trying to encourage the family to cook more, you could create space in the pantry for easy-to-cook dried food such as pasta and rice in the Space Saver Oval 1.7 l and 2.3 l. Or, if you’re trying to encourage healthier snacking, put melba toasts and cream crackers in your Space Savers Square 4.0 l, and granola or dried corn in the 1.2 l toward the front so they’re easier to grab. Use the 2.6 l for cookies and cakes and place that in the BACK of the pantry so it’s not so readily accessible.

Pro Tip: Organising your pantry brings with it so many benefits, but one of the savviest has to be the fact that keeping everything visible in your Space Savers means you’ll never end up buying double (or triple!) of the ingredients you already have, just because you didn’t spot them in amongst a pantry in disarray. All in all, saving you money and needless waste.

4. Go Clean and Green

Now that you’re all set up, here’s a habit to keep your pantry clean – both in the organizational AND environmental sense:

Buying package-free food items not only ensures you have more space on your pantry shelves and a more uniform look, it also does wonders for the environment. By avoiding the single-use packaging of store-bought items, you’re actively making a difference in the world by reducing your carbon footprint.

Pro Tip: As more supermarkets are committing to saying goodbye to plastic bags - or even packaging of all kinds – you can count on your Space and Spice Savers if you’re striving to make a ‘packaging-free’ supermarket your new go-to since you can store ingredients such as cereals and bulk spices directly into your containers from the shelves.

5. Track expiry dates

Keeping track of the expiry date on your food items is essential when it comes to health and safety, but it also has helps prevent food waste. Knowing how much time you have to eat a food item, and prioritizing the older items in the pantry, is one sure way to make the most out of money spent on groceries, while reducing the amount of spoiled food you throw away. Space Savers are easy to label so you can know at a glance.

6. Practice the art of maintenance

When you write your grocery list, make maintaining your pantry part of the process. Spend 5-10 minutes making sure everything is in its place, taking stock of what you need to get more of. An organized pantry needs ongoing maintenance, so if you look after your pantry, it will always be there for you!

Now that you’re on the way to organizing greatness, get in touch with your closest Tupperware Consultant for more tips and tricks on how to complete the ultimate pantry. Your dream kitchen set-up awaits. #NoTimeToWaste

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