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Tips For How To Treat Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Tips For How To Treat Your Mom This Mother’s Day
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Tips For How To Treat Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Looking for the perfect way to treat Mom like the queen she truly is? Here are some ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day. Come to think of it, these ideas can celebrate mom on any given day of the year. Because let’s face it, she deserves more than a day of our love!

Two Generations of Motherhood

To make the most of this special day, include your mother and grandmother in your plan so that there can be two generations of moms enjoying the wonderful day ahead!

Coffe and Cake at the Park

Coffee and Cake in the Park

Start the day off with a trip to the park to have a setup that allows for your mom and grandmother to have fun and enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors! Also, what's a better memory than a family photo? Take an instant camera to capture all the best moments of fun in the sun. While this part of the day doesn't require too much planning ahead, some preparation will ensure a good start to the day.

Quick Preparation:

  • Pick one of your mother's favourite cakes and pack it into the PACK A LOT to keep it moist and protected.
  • A good cake is made even better with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Store your coffee in a Tupperware COMMUTER MUG to keep the temperature hot and be sure not to forget the sugar or sweeteners!
  • Pack picnic foods in the easy to carry CARRY AWAY and a variety of snacks in the LARGE WONDERS to accompany the cake or to snack on throughout the afternoon.
  • Don't forget to keep hydrated with water or your favourite non-carbonated beverages in an ECO BOTTLE.

Movie Night and Popcorn

A movie night is an easy way to relax and spend some quality time with your mother and grandmother after an eventful day outdoors. Fill your CLASSIC BOWL (2L) with freshly made popcorn and offer it to your mom and grandmother while they make themselves comfy on the couch.

For a slightly more official feel to the movie night, you can print out these Mother's Day Movie Tickets and personalize them with guest names and movie titles.

Pick out a family favourites or, try a black and white classic, a family musical, or a witty romcom. Just make sure to keep your instant camera close by to capture the best moments.

Movie Night and Popcorn
DIY Mother's Day Voucher

DIY Mother's Day Voucher

A DIY Mother's Day voucher is the perfect gift to end off this special day. This is a day for sentiment and memories, and that's exactly what the Mother's Day voucher embodies. Gift your mom with an item, task, or activity that you know she will really enjoy.

If you have children, you can include them by asking them to write or draw on the voucher. Here are some DIY Mother's Day voucher ideas:

  • My favourite meal cooked by you
  • Organize a Tupperware Party for me
  • A public social media post displaying love and affection
  • One hour of participating in my favourite hobby
  • A foot massage

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated or filled with expensive gifts. Moms just want to feel appreciated and loved by the people she loves the most. So, give her the best gift of all—time spent together.

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