Chef Series II Sauteuse (4L)

This premium line cookware features quality construction for superior performance, durability and a lifetime of enjoyment. Cookware you can count on!
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This premium line cookware features quality construction for superior performance, durability and a lifetime of enjoyment. Enjoy your cooking time and be surprised by the perfomrance of this amazing cookware. Cookware you can count on!

The construction of this cookware brings a lot of benefits:
• Aluminum is a very fast conductor of heat, evenly, with fewer hot spots. Hard anodized aluminium allows even, quick heating.
• Chef Series Cookware is more resistant to corrosion and wear, and easier to clean.
• The anodization process binds the nonstick coating to the interior to best resist flaking or peeling.
• Features Eterna® nonstick coating which is PFOA free. Eterna® nonstick coating is the highest quality and longest lasting nonstick coating.
• Cast-hollow handles offer a superior grip and stay cool to the touch when cooking, allowing you to transfer hot foods from any cooking surface to a plate or platter with ease and confidence.
The thumb stop indicates the handle’s cool area.
• A stainless steel plate is impact bonded to the bottom to enable the cookware to work on an induction stovetop.
• Chef Series Cookware is compatible with all cooking surfaces (gas, electric, ceramic, and induction) thanks to the Impact bonded SS bottom.
• Chef Series Cookware is safe to use in conventional ovens up to 230°C.
• The versatile Chef Series Cookware has a combination of glass and stainless steel covers and can cater for all your stovetop cooking needs such as healthy, gourmet, and crisper cooking as well as preparing foods inside the oven.
- Stainless steel covers make it possible to use the products in the oven as well as on the stovetop.
- Tempered glass covers allow you to view the contents while cooking, without lifting off the cover and letting steam escape.
• The Chef Series Cookware is ideal for preparing low-fat recipes and easy digestible meals as it allows you to cook with little fat and to use less water, thus retaining minerals and nutrition. During this process you are able to reduce the energy level to low, thus saving energy during cooking.

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Safety and Caution:
• Although the covers which are made of tempered glass, they can shatter if dropped and should be handled with care. Do not use steel wool products for cleaning your cookware as they will scratch glass and body surfaces. Do not use glass covers in ovens or under a grill.
• Use oven gloves when handling or grabbing handle near pot or pan. Handles on cookware placed in a conventional oven will become hot and should be handled with oven gloves.
• Not for use in the microwave, over an open flame or campfire. Do not use under a grill/broiler unit.
• Dispense salt evenly to avoid pitting on the surface.
• Keep out of reach of children when in use.
Before using your Chef Series Cookware:
• Read the manual thoroughly and save for future reference.
• Remove all labels before cooking. Hand-wash in hot, soapy water, rinse and dry.
• Lightly coat non-stick crepe pan with fat. Little fat can be used on the fry pan.
• Do not use aerosol cooking sprays as they may leave a gummy residue and cause foods to stick.
• Do not use your cookware for any purpose other than cooking.

How to Use:
• When cared for properly, your Chef Series Cookware will provide years of superior performance and enjoyment.
• Do not leave an empty fry pan or crepe pan with non-stick coating on a hot burner or allow to boil dry.
• Preheat Cookware with little fat on low-to-medium heat for 1 to 2 minutes before adding food. Never pour water on to hot fat in the pan.
• To protect the high quality non-stick coating of the crepe pan please take care not to use sharp edged utensils as this will damage the non-stick coating. Never use a hand mixer on the coating.
• Exceeding the recommended 230°C may discolour the body exterior to a yellow colour. This can be removed with a stainless steel cleaner. Exceeding the recommended 230°C will cause the non-stick coating of the crepe pan to discolour. Repeated overheating may damage the crepe pan’s non-stick coating.
• The diameter of the base of the cookware should correspond with the diameter of the stovetop burner used. Handles should never be placed directly over the heat source.
• Never allow flames from a gas cooker to extend up the sides of the pan. To maintain balance on a gas range, ensure long handle is positioned over grate prong.

To cook meat with little fat:
1. Add some fat to the frying pan. Wait until the fat is heated up.
2. Add meat, pressing down lightly. Lower the heat.
3. Cook until meat browns and releases naturally (do not forcefully pry it up).
4. Turn and brown the other side.

To cook vegetables with less water:
1. Wash and prepare vegetables as normal, cutting them into pieces of the same size.
2. Sprinkle enough water over the vegetables to wet their surfaces, without covering them in water.
3. Place them in an unheated casserole, filling it two-thirds full and pressing down the vegetables to remove excess air. Can add two or three spoonful's of water.
4. Leave to cook over a low heat until the end of cooking time.

How to clean:
Recommend washing by hand to keep in best condition. Remove stuck on or crusted-on foods by soaking cookware in hot water with hand wash detergent.
• Allow cookware to cool gradually before cleaning. Do not rinse a hot pan with cold water, as it may cause hot grease to splatter or steam to be created.
• Use only non-abrasive, non-chloride cleansers and a sponge, nylon scrub brush or a Tupperware Microfiber.
• Use a special stainless steel cleaner to remove stubborn stains and polish the surface, but never on the non-stick coating of the crepe pan and make sure to use the soft side of the sponge to avoid scratches in the mirror finish on the outside.
• If placed in dishwasher, avoid using aggressive detergents and avoid any protrusions near the non-stick coating.
• Do not use bleach for cleaning the pan. Strong solutions can damage the material.
At Tupperware, we have proudly backed our products with a LifeTime Warranty, so you can buy with confidence!
All Tupperware Brands products are guaranteed by Tupperware Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd. to perform under normal domestic use for lifetime of the product.
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