Christmas One Touch Canisters (940ml x 2)

Make time to share special festive moments over a cup of coffee and tasty treat stored in the air-tight One Touch Canister.
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Make time to share special festive moments over a cup of coffee and tasty treat stored in the air-tight One Touch Canister.

Features and Benefits:
• the exclusive one-touch seal is spill-proof and the answer to moisture-proof long term food storage for everyday use.
• so easy to open - the seal extends over the edge of the canister so you can hold it easily to peel it off.
• so easy to close - just press on the centre at the arrows and the virtually airtight seal clicks into place to protect freshness.
• they are finely textured with an attractive festive design for an ever-fresh finish, and store neatly on the worktop or in the cupboard.
• with the smooth clean lines and rounded edges, the canisters and seals are easy to clean. Just wipe the sealed canisters with a damp cloth when tidying the cupboard.
• be sure to wash and rinse thoroughly before refilling with fresh ingredients.*they can be stacked, if necessary, to suit the storage space.

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Capacity 940ml
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Safety And Caution:
DO NOT use in the Microwave or Freezer.
● Use a low-temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
● Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the product.
● Tea and coffee tray - as the canisters are decorative and so easy to use, they are handy kept on a tray with tea bags in one, coffee in the other, ready to use in the kitchen or to carry to another place.
● A set for sugar - match the tea and coffee set with a sugar set, giving a choice of two different sugars to suit every taste.
● Biscuit selection - the family usually likes to have a selection of biscuits to choose from at anytime of the day and they will keep so nice and crisp in these canisters you can fill several.
● Snacks for drinks - store nuts, savoury biscuits, biltong, and snacks ready to serve family and friends.
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