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Tupperware® Consultant

What is a Tupperware® Consultant?

Consultant is the more modern and more appropriate name for the former Tupperware® Demonstrator. Demonstrating and advising on the products is only part of the job. In addition to the excellent product knowledge, the Consultant also provides a lot of valuable tips on topics such as nutrition, optimising existing storage space in the kitchen, time saving products etc. The Consultant can also assist you in joining the Tupperware® Company and Hosting a Party at your venue or online.

How do I become a Tupperware® Consultant?

We are very excited that you are interested in becoming a Tupperware® Consultant. You can read everything about the Tupperware Career here.

There are two options to join Tupperware®: You can Join us online or you can Connect with a Consultant online.

How do the Tupperware® Incentive Rewards work?

You are welcome to contact a Tupperware® Distributorship that is close to you, to find out all about our incentives and rewards. Find your nearest Distributorship here.

How and where can I find a Tupperware® Consultant near me?

That is very easy. You can search for your nearest Consultant online using their name, postal code or their Consultant code. Click here to find the Closest consultant to your location.

I don't want to be connected to a Tupperware® Consultant, do I have to choose one in any case?

No, you do not need to choose a Consultant. There is an option for you to purchase online without being connected to a Consultant. We do however, suggest that you connect with a Consultant as you will be supporting a local small business owner and they can share tips, demonstrations and useful information about the Tupperware® products that you can purchase online.

Why can't I find my Tupperware® Consultant in the online store?

There can be different reasons for this. Your Consultant might not be signed up to the online store as yet, but you can still address him or her using the contact details you know.

What qualifications do you need to have as a Tupperware® Consultant?

We are very excited that you are interested in becoming a Tupperware® Consultant.

As a Consultant you experience the best of both worlds. All the benefits of running your own business, but with the support of a Manager, backed by a Company that’s got over 75 years’ experience in direct selling and an enviable reputation for quality products.

A Tupperware® Consultant is a person who loves being around other people. This person is motivated to learn and is passionate about changing their life and the lives of others. A very important part of the job is enthusiasm and interest in our products.

More information can be found here.

Are there any professional Tupperware® Consultants?

All our Consultant are trained to be professional and to give good customer service. You have the option to change your Consultant. You can connect to a new Consultant here.

Dissatisfaction with the service of the Tupperware® Consultant?

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. We are very sorry that the service of the Consultant could not live up to your expectations. In this case, please contact your closest Distributorship. Find Distributorship details here.

Support a local small business by Connecting with a Tupperware® Consultant

Get expert support and advice on finding the perfect products.


Host a Party that everyone will remember, demonstrate products, share recipes and more in the comfort of your home.


Start your own business and Join the Tupperware team. Be your own boss, earn money and rewards.

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