Cookie Canister (1,5L)

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Fresh and tasty treats for all! Your baking will not only look delicious, but also stay fresh and tasty for a s long as possible in the Round Cookie Canister.
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Fresh and tasty treats for all! Your baking will not only look delicious, but also stay fresh and tasty for as long as possible in the Round Cookie Canister. With an easy to apply, air and watertight seal, this attractive canister is great for the countertop, cupboard, drawer, fridge and even while on-the-go.

Features and Benefits:
*The Baseline Cook Canister is a countertop storage container for cookies that can also be used as a serving dish on the table.
*A generous tab ensures that the seal is easy to remove for everyone, allowing everyone in the family to get to their favourite cookie at any time of the day.
*The Canister is shallow and has a wide opening making it easy to place and remove the food.
*The Canister is suitable for storing foods or other items in the cupboard, on the countertop, in the drawer, in the fridge and even while on-the-go.
* The air and watertight seal protects the contents from the environment such as outside humidity, dirt, dust or bugs. It keeps contents crisp and fresh. The secure seal also ensures that the Canister does not spill onto the environment, e.g. in your backpack or bag. As a result, this Canister is also suitable for storing and transporting high water content, juicy foods.
* The Canister can be sealed and unsealed securely; quick and easy for everyone.
* Several Cookie Canisters can be stacked. The design detail on the seal locks the canister on top.

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Base Colour White,Crushed Raspberry
Colour White
Dimensions 19 cm x 7 cm (H)
Capacity 1.5L
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To use:
To open the Canister, hold it with one hand. Put the index finger of your other hand under the generous tab. Lift the tab up with your index finger, while applying pressure with your thumb on top of the seal. To apply the seal, walk your fingers all along the rim of the seal while applying pressure. You should hear light clicks whilst doing this. Ensure the seal is correctly applied by checking all around. The Baseline Cookie Canister is very easy to clean.

The Baseline Cookie Canister can be used to store food on the countertop, in the cupboard, in the drawer and in the fridge.
The Canister is just right for storing and serving biscuits, sweets and small cakes e.g.: muffins, nuts, candy, popcorn, dried fruits, crackers, sweet or savoury snacks, etc…
Due to its high quality air and watertight seal it is perfect for storing dry food as well as high water content foods (e.g. soups, fruit salad,…). Or even non-food items. Store the Canister in the fridge, containing any kind of processed or cooked food.
Thanks to the watertight and secure seal, you can take the Cookie Canister with you whilst on-the-go.
Do not mix cookies of different flavours or hardness in one Canister, otherwise they will not keep their original crispness.
If placing hot foods into the Canister, cool foods down before applying the seal.
The Baseline Cookie Canister is not suitable for freezer or microwave use.

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