CrystalWave Pitcher (1L)

Measure, mix, stir, store, reheat and serve! This 1L Pitcher is just right for measuring, mixing and reheating liquids, sauces and soups in the microwave oven.
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Measure, mix, stir, store, reheat and serve! This 1L Pitcher is just right for measuring, mixing and reheating liquids, sauces and soups in the microwave oven.

Features and benefits:
• Safe for food temperatures from 0°C to 120°C.
• The translucent base has calibrations noted with polished bands for measuring from 100ml to 1000ml. These are on both sides of the handle to be read easily by left or right handed users.
• The measuring level has markings at every 100ml with 250ml and 750ml marked with a dot.
• The shape of the Pitcher is ideal for mixing and whisking and can be used from fridge to microwave to
table and back to the fridge.
• It is sized larger than 1 liter to allow a useful capacity for mixing of up to 1 liter.
• A closed sturdy handle which provides a firm grip to hold for when measuring, mixing, lifting from the microwave, and pouring.
• A generous spout that is perfectly shaped to pour smoothly without drips.
• A specific small cap on top of the cover which has to be placed in open position before placing the pitcher in the microwave to prevent steam building up.
• A specific cover preventing splashing in the microwave with a nice pushing tab system closed to the handle for serving and pouring.
• Little raised feet on the base and the shape with straight sides promote even reheating and avoid moisture marks on your table when serving.

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More Information
Base Colour Sheer Radish
Colour Radish
Dimensions 11.5cm diameter x 13.5cm (H)
Capacity 1L
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How to Use:
● Measure, mix and stir - Measure liquid and mix instant purees, or sauces, ready to heat in the microwave and stir as necessary.
● Heat soup - Instant soups, prepared soups, veggie stocks or homemade soups, all are easy to mix, heat in the microwave , stir, and pour into bowls to serve.
● Puddings - Mix instant puddings, chocolate desserts, jellies, fruits puree.
● Hot drinks - Heat and serve hot milk, bedtime drinks, special coffee drinks, whatever your choice. The
capacity is ideal and the Pitcher pours so well into the children’s mug!
● Multi purpose mixing - Measure and mix batters ready to pour into frypan, or cover in the fridge until ready to use. Use for measuring and mixing icings or fillings for cakes.

How to Open/Close:
To open:
● To open the cover to pour, hold the handle and press firmly on the cover at the tab with your thumb. Keep
holding firmly with your thumb as you pour.
● For microwaving, keep the cover closed and open just the small cap.
To close:
● Press the cover onto the pitcher with the little raised tab (where the Tupperware logo is placed) aligned
with the handle.
● Push firmly on the front of the cover and then close the cap to store in the fridge.

How to Reheat:
● Made for reheating food in the microwave, not suitable for cooking.
● Safe for food temperatures between 0 °C to 120 °C.
● Always open the small cap to reheat in the microwave.
● When reheating more than 3 minutes in the microwave (MAX 600W), stop occasionally and stir to ensure even reheating (max 5 min). Be sure to replace the cover after stirring food during reheating.
● After reheating, remove the product from the microwave and let it rest on the worktop for a few minutes to allow the temperature to distribute evenly.
● Contents will be hot after reheating. Use oven gloves when handling.
● Always lift off the cover away from you so the steam does not burn.
● If food is overcooked in the microwave, it can reach temperatures in excess of 120°C, which will damage the containers. Take particular care with small quantities of food, or foods with high fat or sugar content such as gravy, sugar syrups, bacon, and meat with a bone. Check small amounts of high risk foods every 30 seconds after the first minute of cooking.
● Reheat cooked foods from the refrigerator or room temperature, but not from the freezer. Thawing frozen foods in the microwave can cause damage to the containers as the containers may become brittle and could break.
● For microwave use only. Do not use on the stove top, in a conventional oven or the grill. For combination microwave ovens, ensure your program does not switch to the oven or grill functions automatically.
● Always refer to the instruction booklet of your microwave manufacturer for appropriate product usage. If you have a turntable plate in your microwave, make sure the containers fit on it and the turntable plate turns. ● Never leave the microwave unattended during use.
● When reheating food, use an appropriate power on your microwave oven. Between 500 Watts and 600 watts is perfect to reheat food in the best conditions.
Safety And Caution:
● Microwave reheatable.
● Clean and dry your product before first use.
● All parts of the CrystalWave Pitcher are dishwasher safe.
● Use a low temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
● The small cap can be removed to clean. Just open it and lift it from the slots.
● If any food sticks, let the product to soak briefly in warm soapy water.
● Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the product.
● Do not use the pitcher for cooking in the microwave or in the conventional oven or the grill.
● Do not use the pitcher in the freezer.
● It is recommended to use plastic utensils in order to avoid damaging the CrystalWave Pitcher.
● Always refer to the instruction booklet of your microwave, provided by the manufacturer, for appropriate product usage. If you have a turntable plate, make sure the turntable plate turns while reheating.
● It is best to wear oven gloves when removing the container from the microwave.
● Always lift off the cover so that the hot steam is directed away from you.
● Some staining may occur but this does not affect the product performance and is not covered by the Tupperware warranty.
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