CrystalWave Square (800 ml x 3)

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Healthy eating on the move! Use the Stackable CrystalWave Square Set to take your favourite breakfast, lunch or meal with you. Fill one container with your reheatable dish and the other with your dry dish. Breakfast, lunch, or a snack in a snap!
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Healthy eating on the move! Use the Stackable CrystalWave Square Set to take your favourite breakfast, lunch or meal with you.
Fill one container with your reheatable dish and the other with your dry dish. Breakfast, lunch, or a snack in a snap!

The containers snap together for easy transporting. When you are ready to eat, simply separate the top container from the bottom container. Open the valve on the seal and reheat in the microwave.

Features and Benefits:
*Seal with vent cap and toggle valve - open the valve for reheating to allow steam to escape. Generous tabs enable you to lift the seal off easily. Easy open seal for a convenient on-the-go solution.
*Small notches on each side of the container allow the containers to “snap” together for easy transporting. The notches also allow air to circulate under the container for even heating.
*Tabs on the sides of the container allow you to easily transport the container from table to microwave.
Also assists when separating the containers.
*Containers can be taken directly from the home refrigerator, to the office refrigerator, to the microwave, then to the tabletop (or desktop) for serving.
* The footed base allows air to circulate under the container, ensuring fast and even microwave reheating and prevents vacuum when placing it on the countertop.
* The containers can be used individually or as a set connected together.

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Base Colour Sheer Mint Ice Cream,Sheer Tokyo Blue,Sheer Papaya
Colour Papaya
Capacity 800ml
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How to close the seal:
1. Close the seal by aligning it to the rim of the container, making sure the valve is in the open position.
2. Press the seal closed by pressing with your thumbs all around, as you would do with a classic Tupperware seal.
3. Close the valve by pressing on the square, glossy area.

How to connect the containers:
1. Fill one container with your dry food and the other container with the food you wish to reheat.
2. Place the seal on the container that contains the food you wish to reheat.
3. Pick up the sealed container by the tabs and carefully place it on top of the open container that contains your dry food.
4. Place your thumbs on the seal and your fingers on the bottom tabs and gently push down evenly on both sides while pulling up on the bottom container until the top container fits snugly into the bottom container.
5. You know your containers are attached when you no longer see the notches in the bottom of the top container and you hear them snap together.

How to separate the containers:
1. Place your hands on the tabs of the top container with your fingertips touching the tabs on the bottom container.
2. Apply pressure and lift up on the top container.
3. The containers will separate, allowing you to remove the top container completely.
4. Do not pull up on one end because that will cause the other side of the container to be pushed down into the bottom container.
How to use:
●Clean and dry your product before first use.
●Safe for food temperatures ranging from 0⁰ to120⁰C.
●Microwave at medium power.
● It is recommended to use the bottom container for dry foods like bread, tortillas, croissants, crackers, or pitas. Do not place liquids in the bottom container when transporting this product.
●It is recommended to reheat tomato sauces and other foods high in fat, sugar, or oils at lower power levels (300/360 watts) to help prevent permanent staining or blistering from these types of foods.
●Before placing sealed container in the microwave, be sure to separate the containers, then push open the toggle vent cap on the seal, which will allow steam to escape while the food is reheating.
●You can microwave only one container at a time. The containers cannot be microwaved when assembled.
●When removing the seal, always lift from the opposite side to direct steam away from you.

How to care:
●The Crystalwave set is dishwasher safe.
● Containers are designed for refrigerator food storage only. If used in the freezer, they may become brittle and break.
●Do not use the product to cook food in the microwave and do not reheat food directly on the seals.
●Do not use the product with a conventional oven or grill. Not for use in the freezer.

At Tupperware, we have proudly backed our products with a Lifetime Warranty, so you can buy with confidence!
All Tupperware Brands products are guaranteed by Tupperware Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd. to perform under normal domestic use for lifetime of the product.
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