Forget Me Not Round (2)

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These handy containers are designed to hang at the front of the fridge to store those little leftovers which are so easily lost in the fridge and ‘forgotten’.
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These handy containers are designed to store those little leftovers which are so easily lost in the fridge and ‘forgotten’.

Never forget about cut tomatoes, onions or peppers again!
Hang the Forget Me Not in the front of the fridge so you never forget about them and use contents while still fresh.

Features and Benefits:
this one piece container has a living hinge and a firm closure and is really space saving for storing little leftovers in the fridge.
• the containers are shaped to hold cut portions of all kinds of vegetables and fruits.
• so easy to open, with the container in the palm of your hand, just hold down the tab with your thumb as you lift the arm. Press firmly all around to close.
• polished windows on two sides of the container, allow the contents to be recognised, whichever way it is hanging in the fridge.
• hang it near the front of the fridge so it is a reminder to use up the contents before cutting up fresh ingredients.
• it can be hung by the arm from a solid or wire fridge shelf, with the flat side facing the wall, so it is balanced leaning against the side wall.

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More Information
Base Colour Sheer Cool Aqua
Colour Sheer Cool Aqua
Dimensions 11.5cm diameter x 7cm (H)
Capacity 350ml
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● Perfect for storing the half grapefruit, a few mushrooms, some cherry tomatoes, just enough leftover mixed salad, ready to add dressing, for lunch.
● The perfect container for keeping a cut lemon. It’s so time saving when there is always
a lemon in its own favourite container, easy to find and ready to use.
● Ideal for any small ingredients, cut onions, tomatoes, peppers, anything you want - and
you won’t forget them!
● Fill with carrot sticks, ready to eat, to help to keep one’s diet under control.
● Prepare assorted vegetables, peppers and the like, ready to mix with salad greens
for a quick salad.

How to Clean:
● Clean and dry your product before first use.
● Rinse with cold water after use of content stored before filling new content.
● Do not use a scouring sponge or abrasive cleaner when cleaning.
● Dishwasher safe. Use a low temperature program on your dishwasher to save energy and
protect the environment.
Safety and Caution:
● Dishwasher safe.
● NOT suitable for microwave or freezer use.
● Use a low-temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
● Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the product.
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