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Freezer Mate (450ml x 2)

Keep all of your frozen foods fresh, organized and easy to prepare in our classic Freezer Mates line. They help your freezer—and you— work more efficiently. So you can save time and energy and have more fun preparing your favorite meals and snacks now
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Keep all of your frozen foods fresh, organized and easy to prepare in our classic Freezer Mates line. They help your freezer—and you— work more efficiently. So you can save time and energy and have more fun preparing your favorite meals and snacks now...and enjoying them later. Have your favorite meals always at the ready!
The space in your freezer is precious, that’s why we designed the Freezer Mates with a square round shape. It will help you save space in your freezer!

Features and Benefits:
● The seals and bases were designed to ensure stackability; the all-around foot on the bases fits perfectly on the inside rim of the seals. You will be able to organize your freezer and be sure that your containers will stay in place!
● The Freezer Mates containers are modular and can be combined in different variations, enabling you to save space in the freezer. You will be able to neatly organize your freezer.
● The modularity is based on the size of the Small Low 450ml container.
● The bases and seals nest comfortably together allowing you to save space in your cupboards when not in use.
● To optimize the space in your cupboards simply nest containers of different heights, placing taller containers into flatter containers. For bases with the same height, place the smaller ones into wider ones.
● The Sheer bases allow for visibility of contents. This way, you can easily identify which Freezer Mate you want to take out of the freezer save valuable time!
● The Freezer Mates will not stick to each other during the freezing process, allowing for better air flow.

Small Low 450ml Benefits:
●Perfect capacity for storing individual portions of your favorite meals.
●Prepare in advance and portion your dishes using the Small Low containers. You can defrost only the single portions you will use! 
●Perfect size for portions of fresh fruits such as a mix of wild fruits; this size is perfect for a coulis or vegetables like green peas or sweet corn.
●Yes, using the Modular Freezer Mates it is more efficient to keep a freezer cool when it’s mostly full and you’re putting in and taking out items. Theoretically , air experiences friction, causing the air not to be as cool.

The Seal:
● A sturdy tab on one corner makes them easy to apply and remove from the base.
●Seals are made from a flexible material (LDPE) that makes them easy to apply and remove.
●This is convenient and will make your kitchen duties easier when handling your Freezer Mates with frozen food!
●Sealing locks in the freshness and flavors of your favorite foods and keeps odors from escaping and contaminating other foods in your freezer.
●They are specially designed to protect your foods from the dry air in the freezer that may dehydrate them. You’ll be sure to preserve your food in the best conditions!

The Base:
●The bases are specially designed for freezer use; they have a firm structure to prevent crushing and to protect fragile foods.
●They are constructed of a flexible material (LDPE) that prevents cracking when frozen and makes it very easy to unmold the food when taking it out of the freezer.
●Rounded corners on the inside create a smooth surface, making it effortless to unmold food from the Freezer Mates. Fast and easy without any risk of leftovers being left wedged in the corners!
●Glossy, inside walls allow for smooth unmolding and give it a stylish look.
●An etched bottom helps to camouflage visible scratches.
●The bases feature completely redesigned Snow Flakes that serves a dual purpose:
●Easy identification of the containers as suitable for freezer use and adding a chic touch!.
●A foot all round the base’s bottom side provides stability while you pour in food. It also prevents damage to the work surface. The foot helps make this product very convenient and safe to use!
●The foot supports attacking and also improves the airflow between stacked containers. The foot features a curved shape that allows for air circulation.
●The optimal airflow, achieved thanks to the curved foot and bases silhouette, ensures an even temperature all around the Freezer Mates for ideal conservation of your foods!
●The air flow on the top, the bottom and the sides allows for optimal freezing times!
●Before putting food in the freezer, be sure the food is at room temperature.

*The product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Price excludes product contents and any accessories used for display purposes.
More Information
Base Colour Natural
Colour Salt Water Taffy
Dimensions 15,2cm (L) x 11,4cm (W) x 6,2cm (H
Capacity 450ml
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To open:
● Hold the container, keeping one hand on the base.
● With the other hand, lift the seal from the tab and pull upward until it’s completely removed from the base.
● If you want to keep your food fresh for longer, simply choose a Freezer Mates, in the appropriate capacity, place your food in, and seal.* Always remember, you should only freeze fresh food!

To Close:
● Align the seal with the base.
● Pressing firming, slide your thumbs all around the rim toward the tab.

● Always fill your container no higher than the “MAX” fill line, this will ensure the best conservation of food when in the freezer.
● You can also use the Freezer Mates containers in the fridge or even to organize and store food in your cupboards. Additionally, store other non-food items such as small toys, jewelry, etc.
● Be sure the food is at room temperature before freezing it.

How to use:
● When taking a Freezer Mate out of the freezer, let it rest for 5 minutes before removing the seal to make it easier when unmolding.
● Open the container as explained in How to Open section above:
● Turn the container upside down.
● To easy unmold the contents, press on the center of the base with both thumbs while also twisting the base. The Freezer Mates comes in the perfect capacities and shapes to meet all of your freezer storage needs!
● If you want to freeze your stews or home made dishes, always let them completely cool down before placing them in the Freezer Mates. It’s a nice way to save money and energy.
● When filling your Freezer Mates, always adhere to the MAX fill marker to accommodate for food expansion during the freezing process.
● The Freezer Mates can also be used to store the frozen foods you buy at the grocery stores!
● Simply take your frozen foods out of their package and place them in the most suitable Freezer Mates. You can now easily portion frozen food bought in bulk.
You will be able to neatly organize your freezer and prevent frost around your foods!
● Freezer Mates are suitable for temperatures as low as -25°C.
● When storing liquids, always make sure to place them in an upright position to prevent possible spillovers.
● Be sure the food is at room temperature before freezing it.
Safety and Caution:
● Important: For lots of usage you need to help unmolding by passing the mold under the tap water before removing the cover unmolding.
● Don’t place boiling food into the container as deformation may occur.
● The Freezer Mates containers are not microwaveable.
● Never re-freeze a defrosted dish.
● Use a low temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.

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