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Herb Chopper (300ml)

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Mini but mighty - 1 pull = 12 cuts with a knife!Ideal for chopping herbs, garlic and small veggies like onions (no tears!), our famous Tupperware Herb Chopper has a pull-cord mechanism that saves time and effort and no electricity needed!
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Mini but mighty - 1 pull = 12 cuts with a knife!
Ideal for chopping herbs, garlic and small veggies like onions (no tears!), our famous Tupperware Herb Chopper has a pull-cord mechanism that saves time and effort and no electricity needed!
This kitchen gadget is a game changer when it comes to meal prep, so easy to use the whole family can jump in and help with food preparation, while you enjoy the things you never have time for.

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Features and Benefits:
● Light and compact, the Herb Chopper uses minimal storage space.
● Make sure the Herb Chopper cover is safely locked before mixing.
● Place the Herb Chopper on the counter top. Hold it firmly by placing one hand on the cover and with the other hand pull the cord in quick movements.
● While mixing, shake the Herb Chopper in between cord pulling.
● Dry herbs carefully before chopping them
● Always remove blades first then remove ingredients, using the Silicone Thin Spatula
● To measure small portions of your recipes, use the Multi Measuring Spoon.
● For dressing recipes made with oil, always add oil at the very end.
● Always cut meat, fish, vegetables and fruits into pieces before mixing with the Herb Chopper.
● The Herb Chopper is not a toy, keep away from children.
● Antiskid base to ensure the Herb Chopper is stable when in use.

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Base Colour Sheer Chilli
Colour Chilli
Capacity 300ml
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How to Use:
● It is not recommended to use the Herb Chopper with hard food, as this would damage the mechanism and the cord, and reduce the sharpness of the blades.
● The Herb Chopper is developed for soft and semi-soft ingredients where the high speed is necessary to cut properly.
● Do not overpull the cord up to the end as there is no need to obtain a fine result.
● Do not use the Silicone Spatulas on the blades and always scrap food from the blades using the backside of a knife.
● Make sure to correctly place back the handle in the cover. If it is turned upside down, do not force to push it into the cover but turn it back.
● Never screw or unscrew the different elements of the mechanism. The mechanism is available as spare part.
● Do not overflow with oil and take care to always wait few seconds before removing and putting the cover upside down so that oil is not going in the cover.
● Staining may occur but this will not affect the performance of the Herb Chopper.
● Never carry the Herb Chopper by the handle of the cord.

How to Clean:
● For cleaning, separate the 2 parts of the cover by placing a tea spoon in the slot in the rim of the cover.
● Wipe the upper cover with a damp cloth (the part of the cover containing the mechanism is not dishwasher safe).
● Other parts of the Herb Chopper are dishwasher safe.
● Do not use abrasive powder or sponge to clean the Herb Chopper.
● Dry well all components before assembling.
● Rinse the Herb Chopper after each usage.
Safety and Caution: Sharp!
● Handle and clean the blades with caution as they are extremely sharp.
● Keep the Herb Chopper out of reach of children!!
● Not for microwave or freezer use.
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The blade is NOT covered by the Tupperware Guarantee.
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