Kids Set - Tropical Water

The best kids set! Covers that can't get lost and kid friendly Eco Bottles are the perfect solution for kids lunches. Consists of: Eco Bottle (310ml) and Sandwich Keeper Oblong.
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The best kids set! Covers that can't get lost and kid friendly Eco Bottles are the perfect solution for school lunches.
Consists of: Eco Bottle (310ml) and Sandwich Keeper Oblong

Features and Benefits

Eco Bottle (310ml):
• Our Generation II Eco Bottle has a new sleek and elegant look.
• Fill your Eco Bottle with water; keep it cool in your fridge or take it on-the-go. With the wider neck it’s easier to fit ice cubes inside.
• The Easy Drink Cap was specially developed to enable the consumer to drink directly from the bottle more easily and ergonomically.
• The strap attaches to the bottle cap for easy carrying.
• Easy to fill, easy to drink!

Sandwich Keeper Oblong:
• The Sandwich Keeper is made in one piece with a living hinge and it opens and closes easily.
• Useful to carry a packed lunch or snacks of any choice.
• The integrated closing device closes securely, ensuring it stays shut while being carried.
• Press on the container below the tab with your finger as you push down the tab with your thumb to open.
• To close, press the tab firmly.
• When open, the two halves of the keeper are level on the table and can be used as a tray to eat from directly.
• The fixed cover cannot get lost, which is handy for all.
• Four small feet on the bottom hold the keeper just off the table top, avoiding scratches.
• With the curved edges and no sharp corners, the oblong sandwich keeper will slip into school bag, briefcase, handbag, gym bag or sports kit and is easy to clean.
• It is perefctly shaped for filled long rolls, hotdogs or baguette sandwiches, and has an oblong 'sandwich' icon on the cover.
• Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

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More Information
Base Colour Tropical Water
Colour Tropical Water
Dimensions Eco Bottle (310ml): 47.48 mm x 68.40 mm, Sandwich Keeper: 20cm x 10cm x 7cm h
Capacity 310ml
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How to Use:
● The Eco Bottle cannot be used in the freezer or in the microwave.
● The Eco Bottle is not suitable for carbonated water or sodas.
● Be sure to fill the Eco Bottle with only cold liquids.
● Do NOT put hot liquids in the Eco Bottle.
● Liquids with spices, tomatoes, or carrots can cause staining. This will not affect the performance of the product.

How to Care:
● Clean and dry your Eco Bottle before first use.
● The Eco Bottle is dishwasher safe. It can also be hand-washed by using a bottle brush, warm water, and a bit of dishwashing liquid.
In case of unpleasant odours coming from drinks stored in the bottle, in addition to the above recommendation:
● Fill the bottle with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
● Let it stand like this for half an hour.
● Rinse several times.
● Allow the bottle to dry always open.
Always store the Eco Bottle without the cap when not in use.
Use a low-temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.

Sandwich Keeper Oblong Uses:
● Lunches, snacks, picnics- the oblong sandwich keeper is shaped to hold a filled baguette, filled rolls, hotdogs, as well as filled pitta bread, tortilla wraps, even a selection of sandwiches for a quick picnic in the car.
● Leisure time- the compact shape will slip into the sports bag with a snack ready to enjoy when needed.
● A box of stationery- the keeper is a useful size for a little ‘mini desk’ with pencils, pens and lots of things, just right for anyone in the family and to tuck into the school bag, too.
● Organise your briefcase- use the keeper as a 'mini desk', for personal items, for a little lunch, however it’s filled the sandwich keeper will be easy to find and to use.
● First aid- at home or the office, the keeper will keep first aid safe and handy. Keep one in the car too.
● Handy for travelling- pack your special toiletries and items needed for for travelling.
● Sewing things- the size and shape of the keeper makes it an ideal sewing kit, and you can tuck other small Tupperware containers inside to organise pins and things.
● Hair accessories and make-up.
● Gadgets, cables and chargers.
Safety and Caution:
● Do NOT put hot liquids in the Eco Bottle.
● The Sandwich Keeper and Eco Bottle cannot be used in the freezer or in the microwave.
● The Eco Bottle is not suitable for carbonated water or sodas.
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