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A Roaring Holiday Adventure


YAY it's school holidays again, and what better way to entertain the little ones than to send them on a jungle adventure of imagination. This way you keep the kids entertained and have a mini break for yourself.

Set the scene:

With the chilly weather outside it might be best to keep the kids nice and snug indoors. Create a magical play area by bringing in a few houseplants and help them build a fort with old sheets and pillows. The perfect place to cuddle up and watch movies about lions and other animals.

Get Crafty:

Grab some paper plates, string and brightly colored crayons or paint and let them create their own lion masks to have a roaring good time. They can even create a few other animals like a monkey; elephant etc and stage their own jungle concert.

Treasure hunters:

Hide some “treasure” around the house and send the kids out on adventure hunt. These could be treats for them to find like a box with colorful sweets and other goodies.

Learn and Play:

Create a quiz game with animal facts and let them guess the answer – this way they learn and have fun at the same time. Winner gets to pick the next movie!

Remember to pack their lunch in the Kids Lion lunch Set to give their jungle adventure the finishing touch. Happy Holidays!