Micro Delight (430ml)

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You will be delighted with the results! The Micro Delight is the best friend of everyone who wants to prepare quick meals and appetisers with egg in blink of an eye!
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Create healthy, low-fat meals in minutes, right in your microwave. Whether you’re counting calories or just want to make every calorie count, the new MICRO DELIGHT will make every bite easy…and delicious.

We're all interested in healthy cooking and clean eating. And now, with the Micro Healthy Delight, it's easier than ever to put together a delicious, nutritious meal in minutes.
With Micro Healthy Delight, you can prepare healthy, delicious meals right in your microwave while saving time, controlling ingredients and eating less processed food.

Process to reheat and cook food in a kitchen appliance, by bombarding food with electromagnetic radiation. Molecules contained in the food will rotate and generate heat and even cooking. Microwave oven heat foods quickly, efficiently and uniformly. Mostly appreciated to reheat food, to defrost, but more and more for cooking fish and vegetables
Eat and clean in less than 10 minutes.

Features and Benefits:
• Micro Delight is developed to prepare egg based recipes like omelette with and without vegetables, cheese, ham, etc. and delicious treats like frittata, strata, pudding, flan etc. for individuals or appetizers in the microwave oven.
• The basic using instructions are conveniently engraved inside the cover to make them present whenever needed.
• Usage of Micro Delight is very easy. For instance to make a quick and tasty omelette, mix the eggs in a mixing bowl, add a little water or milk, pour the mixture in the Micro Delight, close the cover, set the time and wattage and place in your microwave. No need to watch if the omelette is cooked or burned!
• No fat or frying is required during the preparation so you can prepare healthy recipes.
• It also can be used to store the leftovers in the fridge and reheat them later.
• The special “8 shape” helps the microwaves to reach the food in the most efficient way helping food cooked evenly. It also gives you the chance to prepare your recipes in a nice, ready-to-serve shape.
• Strong and ergonomic rims on both sides act as handles, giving you a solid grip when removing the hot food from the microwave oven. Your thumbs are protected from the heat thanks to the ribs.
• Small venting holes on the cover release the extra steam and prevent the steam-building during the cooking. Since they are placed far from the handles, hands are protected from the steam.
• Thanks to its nicely curved design, you can easily slide the food cooked inside with help of a spatula to a serving plate.
• You can follow the below guidelines to prepare delicious and quick omelettes every time.

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Base Colour Sheer Purple Cabbage
Colour Purple Cabbage
Dimensions 14cm x 22,4cm x 6,8cm (H)
Capacity 430ml
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How to Use:
● Always beat the eggs for cooking in the Micro Delight.
● Add some water or milk while beating to have uniform results.
● Beaten eggs expand while cooking. This does not influence the taste.
● Respect the maximum quantity of 2 eggs to avoid overflow during cooking and beat minimum of two eggs to have the even omelette thickness and to avoid overcooking in certain areas.
● Do not use abrasives or sharp utensils to avoid scratching. Scrape any cooked particles from the sides of the Micro Delight using the Silicon Spatula.
● To get the best results; use very low power (350W to 400W) when cooking egg based recipes. The maximum limits to use this product in the microwave are 10 min at 400W or 5 min at 800W. You can adjust timing and wattage according to your taste respecting these limitations.
● Do not use two Micro Delights at the same time in the microwave oven as the omelettes will not cook evenly.
● When adding vegetables, ensure that they are finely diced for evenly cooked results.
● If there is cheese or ham in the recipe, always mix well with the beaten eggs and cook on very low power level (350W to 400W).
● Some ingredients like tomato concentrate, saffron, curry or other coloured spices may colour the product.
● Do not use fatty ingredients such as bacon, ham, cheese, etc. without egg mixture otherwise you will damage the product. It is also recommended using a low wattage when cooking preparation with these ingredients.

How to Clean:
● Wash before first use
● Dishwasher safe. Rinse the Micro Delight immediately after use with cold water to prevent strong odours and stains.
● Staining will not affect the performance of the product and is not covered by the Tupperware guarantee.
Safety and Caution:
● The Micro Delight is safe for temperatures between 0°C to 120°C.
● Do not put into freezer and do not exceed 120°C.
● Do not cook for more than 10 minutes at 400W or more than 5 minutes at 800W at a time. Let the product and the microwave oven cool down before re-using.
● Use oven gloves when taking the product out from microwave oven. It might be hot.
● Always lift the cover away from you to avoid burning from steam build-up.
● Do not use in a conventional oven or on a hob.
● Do not add oil or any other fat to your recipes as this will damage your product.
● Do not attempt to fry or boil eggs in shell in the Micro Delight as they could explode dangerously in the microwave.

NB: Please note that we cannot claim that NO microwaves actually reach the food as a minimal amount of waves may go through the gap between the cover and the steamer base.

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