Microwave Rice Maker Large (3L)

Finally, perfect rice every time. With the Microwave Rice Maker you can cook most types of rice, grains and pap fast, easy and mess-free. By cooking and serving in one container you will save time, energy and space in your kitchen.
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Finally, perfect rice every time. With the Microwave Rice Maker you can cook most types of rice, grains and pap fast, easy and mess-free. By cooking and serving in one container you will save time, energy and space in your kitchen.
The Microwave Rice Maker cooks most types of rice, grains and pap to perfection in the microwave oven. Microwave cooking is fast, convenient and has no compromise on taste..

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Features and benefits:
• The Microwave Rice Maker will simplify your life. Just fill the ingredients, close securely and place in the microwave. No need to check, to stir or change the power setting mid-way. As you can serve in it too, there will be less washing-up to do.
• Left-over of the rice can also be stored in the fridge and re-heated in the microwave, however the cover is not liquid tight.
• The Rice Maker features a unique double cover that breaks and collects foam created during cooking into the inside chambers, redirects the excess moisture onto the doughnut shaped recess and drains it back into the main dish. Your microwave stays clean and safe from spills.
• By respecting the maximum filling lines for rice and water quantities and the cooking time and power setting guidelines listed below you can have perfect fluffy rice every time.
• The cover locks securely down on to the base giving you a solid grip when removing hot rice from the microwave oven. Your thumbs are protected from the heat thanks to the ribs.
• The assembly instructions are conveniently etched on to the Insert.
• Also ideal for a single helping. .
• Makes perfect fluffy rice worry-free and mess-free - and no burnt pots!
• Cooks, serves and stores rice all-in-one
• Double cover redirects foam overflow, avoids spills and keeps microwave clean
• Solid locking handles and ribs ensure a safe grip

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Base Colour Sheer Purple Cabbage
Colour Purple Cabbage
Capacity 3L
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Safety and Caution:
● The Microwave Rice Maker is safe for temperatures between 0°C to 120°C. Do not use in the freezer and do not exceed 120°C
● Do not cook rice without water
● Do not add fat or oils. Use only water for cooking rice; do not use liquids containing fat such as milk.
● The Rice Maker is not suitable for making risotto or rice pudding or for baking cakes/bread.
● Do not use abrasives or sharp utensils to avoid scratching.
● Respect maximum “fill-to” lines. Do not overfill to avoid boil over.
● For rice with a high starch content cook smaller quantities.
● Always lift the lid away from you to avoid burning from steam buildup.
● Always use oven mitts when removing cooked rice from the microwave oven.
● We recommend using the Microwave Rice Maker for no more than the maximum cooking time of 25 min for maximum 800W.

NB: Please note that we cannot claim that NO microwaves actually reach the food as a minimal amount of waves may go through the gap between the cover and the steamer base.
How to Use:
● Fill the Rice Maker Large with rice first and then add cold water, respecting the maximum filling line.
● Place the separator insert on the base with the rimmed side up.
● Line up the handles of the cover with the handles on the side of the base.
● Push down the cover until it clicks securely in place.
● Once covered place the Rice Maker Large in the microwave.
● Refer to cooking guidelines chart on the product leaflet, for timings and quantities of rice and water.
● The rice is perfectly cooked, fluffy and remains moist.
● The microwave remains clean as there is no water overflow during the cooking thanks to the smart double cover.

How to Open:
● Always use oven mitts when removing the Rice Maker Large with cooked grains from the microwave oven.
● Allow for a standing of 5 minutes before serving to thoroughly absorb the water.
● To open, simply take the Rice Maker Large from the handles. Push down first on one handle and then on the other.
● Always lift the cover and the insert away from you to avoid burning from steam buildup

How to Clean:
● Dishwasher safe
● Rinse the Rice Maker immediately after use with cold water to prevent strong odors and stains.
● Do not add tomato concentrate, saffron, curry or other colored spices to avoid staining.
● Do not reheat curry or tomato dishes in the Microwave Rice Maker. Staining will not affect the performance of the product and is not covered by the Tupperware guarantee.

Cooking guidelines:
● Timing and water level should be adjusted according to grain type, microwave power setting and desired moisture.
● Do not exceed these quantities to avoid boil-over. Respect maximum fill line.
● Simply fill the grains and then add water.
● Refer to the drawing on the cover insert for correct assembly.
● Make sure the top cover is closed securely by locking the side handles

For best result:
● Rinse the rice unless otherwise stated on the packaging.
● Use cold water.
● When cooking with salt, add 2-4 minutes of cooking time for one teaspoon of salt.
● Allow cooked rice to stand 5 minutes before serving.
● Fluff the rice after cooking with a plastic non-scratch Tupperware utensil.
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