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Microwave Guide and Tips

Our fast-paced lives couldn’t exist without our microwave ovens, especially in small kitchens, but so many people see these little powerhouses only for reheating left-overs.

However, cooking food in the microwave is actually one of the fastest, healthiest and most energy-efficient ways to cook!

And this means more than just getting dinner on the table quickly; the less time you cook food, the more colour, flavour and nutrients that will be preserved.
Plus, with microwave cooking, there is no need to add extra oils.

Save money: A microwave uses up to 75% less energy than your conventional stove or oven.

What’s more, they do not generate excess heat like conventional ovens do, meaning that they will not adversely affect your home’s heating/cooling costs. And smaller utility bills mean more money to spend on fresh, delicious food!

Defrosting in the microwave oven is the best way to preserve the quality of the food and it’s also the safest from a microbiological point of view.

Choice: spend more time with family and loved ones enjoying a convenient, healthy meal rather than spending all your time in the kitchen laboring by the stove.

Tupperware Microwave Guide

Tupperware Microwave Guide

View or download this handy Microwave Guide for all you need to know on microwave benefits, how microwaves work, selecting a microwave oven, best practices, cleaning, microwaveable Tupperware products, cooking factors, recipe tips and more!