Quick Shake (750ml)

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This popular, large shaker with easy pouring top, is uniquely shaped for blending and mixing. Shake it up in the kitchen!
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This popular, large shaker with easy pouring top, is uniquely shaped for blending and mixing.

Features and benefits:
● The larger Quick Shake consists of four parts, a tall sheer container, a reversible blender insert, a special pouring top which holds the blender in place, and a screw cap.
● With the sheer material you can see the contents which is helpful for mixing and adding ingredients and also it is elegant on the table.
● The container fits securely in one hand while shaking and the slightly concave base helps efficient mixing.
● The Quick Shake can be used with or without the pouring top or the blender.
● The cap seals on the inside rim of the pouring hole or, without the pouring top, it seals on the inside rim of the container to give a liquid tight closure.
● It closes with a screw thread which resists the pressure of mixtures with raising agent.
● Ridges on the outside of the cap give a safe non-slip grip for opening and closing.
● The pouring top snaps in place to hold the blender. Position the blender insert pointing down for thorough mixing of batters, sauces, omelettes.
● Place the blender facing up for mixing vinaigrette dressings and meat marinades or shaking long cold drinks and it will act as a strainer to hold back whole herbs or ice cubes.
● The pouring top has a thin edge to pour smoothly without a drip.
● The large opening is useful for adding seasonings and other ingredients.
● Etched and polished bands at 50ml steps with 100ml markings on one side are practical for measuring ingredients - the measuring level is at the centre of the band.
● The Cook's maid units will fit on the top, saving the use of an extra container.
● Store in the bottle shelf in the refrigerator door.
●Take care: the Quick Shake is only suitable for shaking liquids up to 40°C.

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Base Colour Natural
Colour Pink Punch
Dimensions 24.8cm H x 7.5cm diameter
Capacity 750ml
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Do not use knives or sharp utensils

Not intended for microwave use

Tupperware recommends hand washing and towel drying to retain the products appearance

Dishwasher safe

Not recommended for the freezer

● Smooth mixing for cooking - with the generous 750ml capacity it is easy to mix batters, pancakes and sauces as well as scrambled eggs and omelettes.
● Vinaigrette dressings - prepare zesty dressings to serve with salads. The Quick Shake is elegant on the table and perfect for pouring.
● Meat marinades - mix up tasty meat marinades, perfect for braai time.
● Special milk shakes and smoothies - mix delicious shakes and healthy smoothies ready to serve guests and family.
● Entertaining - it's elegant for mixing and serving long cold drinks with lots of ice.

How to Clean:
● Clean and dry your product before first use.
● Rinse with cold water after use of content stored before filling new content.
● Do not use a scouring sponge or abrasive cleaner when cleaning.
● Dishwasher safe. Use a low temperature program on your dishwasher to save energy and
protect the environment.
Safety And Caution:
DO NOT use in the Microwave or Freezer.
● Use a low-temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
● Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the product.
● Only suitable for shaking liquids up to 40°C
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