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The new non-spill Silicone Baking Sheet with Rim is the latest addition to the Silicone Baking Forms range. You will finally be able to bake sweet and savoury recipes without making a mess in your oven; no more dripping or leaking thanks to its all-around
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The new non-spill Silicone Baking Sheet with Rim is the latest addition to the Silicone Baking Forms range. You will finally be able to bake sweet and savoury recipes without making a mess in your oven; no more dripping or leaking thanks to its all-around rim! In addition, the pattern guides you into making different shapes: squares, rectangles and even circles!

Use the circles to bake perfectly round macarons and cookies or let your imagination run free...

Features and Benefits:
• It’s the ideal product for baking:
-Juicy or greasy preparations
-Dough for sweet and savoury rolls, sponge cake
-All kinds of everyday foods: fresh and frozen pizza, puffs, vegetables, fries, Pommes Duchesse, potatoes, stuffed vegetables, frozen and pre-baked bread, macarons, cookies, pastries, meringues and profiteroles
-It’s a very useful working surface, handy for quick preparations and clean-up
•Very easy storage; you can fold it, roll it or squeeze it into a container
N.B.: The Silicone Baking Sheet with Rim does not deform, even when it’s rolled up for storing. It may deform slightly during cooking but will return to its original shape when cooled.
• Easy to clean
• Dishwasher safe
• Withstands temperatures from – 25°C to +220°C:
-To bake in a conventional oven
-To cool in the fridge or freeze in the freezer
• Circles (3 cm diameter): ideal size to prepare French macarons but also cookies, meringues, etc. If all of the circles are used, you will be able to prepare 18 perfect French macarons (36 circles)
• Metric measurements to create squares/rectangles/triangles of equal size:
• Small dots every 1cm (both on the rim and on the flat surface)
• Large dots every 5cm (both on the rim and on the flat surface), indicated with numbers on the sides (from 0 cm to 25 cm)
• Surface finish of the pattern is glossy to be able to clearly see the pattern; surface finish of the rest of the product is etched
• Raised rim all around the outside edge that prevents liquids from overflowing, keeping your oven mess-free
• Perfect to use together with the Adjustable Rolling Pin; height of the rim (1,1cm) has been adjusted for both products to be used together. Simply use it vertically and turn the dough regularly to get the desired result
• Pattern on the top part of the rim, so as to be able to measure sizes even when the Baking Sheet is completely covered with dough

*The product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Price excludes product contents and any accessories used for display purposes.
More Information
Base Colour Purple Cabbage
Dimensions W 31.5 x H 1.1 x L 35.3 cm
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*Freezer safe (up to -25°C/-13°F) *Do not use sharp or metal utensils *Dishwasher safe *Safe for use in the microwave *Safe for use in the oven *Not safe for use with grill/broil function *Not safe for use on the stovetop
*One of the properties of Silicone is it absorbs fat in recipes. It releases it gradually after usage and the form has a greasy feeling and white deposit. To preserve your silicone form, wash inside and outside with soapy water and dry carefully before each use to remove any possible greasy/white residue. *Use a cold and clean oven rack or metal baking sheet to place the baking form on before you fill it. *Greasing or baking sprays are not needed when baking with our Silicone Forms. They could even damage the material. Only when molding in the fridge or freezer (e.g. recipes with gelatin), some oil can be used to help with unmolding. *Our Silicone Baking Form can handle heat, however it cannot be used on the stove top or with the grill function of your oven or microwave or broiler. *Be gentle! Cut what you've cooked on a serving tray, cutting board, plate… but never in the baking form. Really… never! *Always preheat the oven before baking (remove oven rack before preheating). *Some foods can cause staining, but this will not affect the product’s performance. Always use oven gloves when removing the silicone form from the microwave or conventional oven. Always remove it together with the oven rack. *Results may vary with individual ovens; please adapt your cooking times accordingly

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