That's a Bowl (10L)

Our top selling mixing bowl with built-in thumb handles offers superior control when mixing or tossing. Simply slide your thumb through the handle on the side of the deep mixing bowl whether you're mixing on a flat surface or holding.
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Our top selling mixing bowl with built-in thumb handles offers superior control when mixing or tossing. Simply slide your thumb through the handle on the side of the deep mixing bowl for greater control whether you're mixing on a flat surface or holding the bowl next to your body. The liquid-tight mega-sized plastic bowl with lid can handle double, triple and even quadruple batches.

Thanks to the thumb-loop handles, transporting is easy and spill-safe. Our multi-tasking mixing bowl with handle makes a perfect gift set with the That's a Bowl set that composes of different sizes of all-purpose bowls that are perfect for preparing, transporting, serving and storing food.

No kitchen is complete without this timeless range of multi-use bowls! Class I seal (liquid tight and airtight): allows for safe transportation of food with dressing sauce/vinaigrette or of liquid preparations; no risk of liquids escaping from the bowl..

Features and Benefits:
• The Tupperware classic round seal locks in freshness and flavor and makes this large mixing bowl an all-purpose bowl.
• The 10L capacity gives a generous size for mixing, storing and serving.
• The bowl has a comfortable shape to hold and the small bottom surface helps to make mixing easier and smoother.
• The hole built into the rim is shaped for the thumb to fit through so it becomes a handle and a sturdy grip.
• The bowl is lightweight so you only hold the weight of the ingredients.
• The inside of the bowl has a finely etched finish so the surface is not easily scratched while mixing.
• The high walls of That’s a Bowl reduce splashing when mixing large quantities.
• The shape and handle also have the advantage of making it easy to pour.
• You can prepare food ahead in large quantities and seal to serve later.

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Base Colour Crocus
Colour Crocus
Dimensions 32.5cm diameter x 18.5cm (H)
Capacity 10L
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Safety And Caution:
● Dishwasher safe.
● Do NOT use in the microwave, oven or freezer.
● Use a low-temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
● Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the product.
How to Use:
To Open - hold the container, keeping one hand on the base. With the other hand, lift the seal from the tab and pull upwards.
To Close - Align the seal with the base. Slide your thumbs all around the rim towards the tab. Slightly lift the tab and press down in the center of the seal with your thumbs to “burp” it.

How to clean:
● Clean and dry your product before the first use.
● The bases and seals are dishwasher safe. Remember to place them separately in the dishwasher.
● We recommend to place the seal in the upper drawer basket to avoid deformations.

Tip: Always fill your base at least to 2/3 of its capacity to ensure the best conservation when in the fridge.
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