That's a Bowl Set (1,4L x 3)

The second to smallest bowl in the range - ideal to serve treats while watching your favourite shows!
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The second to smallest bowl in the range - ideal to serve treats while watching your favourite shows!

Features and Benefits:
• Liquid and air-tight round seal - allows for safe transportation of food.
• Ideal for mixing and preparing small quantities in the kitchen.
• Built-in thumb loop on the base ensures superior control while mixing.
• Ideal to take individual salads, pasta salads, vegetable or rice salads on-the go.
• Take an individual fruit salad to work for a delicious snack.
• Perfect for preparing pancake batters, icing and tasty dips.
• If you have any leftovers, just place them in the That's a Bowl to enjoy later.

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Base Colour Rhubarb, Fuschia Kiss, Radish
Colour Rhubarb
Dimensions 17.6cm diameter x 10.1cm high
Capacity 1.4L
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To open:
● Hold the container, keeping one hand on the base.
● With the other hand, lift the seal from the tab and pull upwards.

To close:
● Align the seal with the base.
● Slide your thumbs all around the rim towards the tab.
● Slightly lift the tab and press down in the center of the seal with your thumbs to “burp” it.

Tip: Always fill your base at least to 2/3 of its capacity to ensure the best conservation when in the fridge.

To clean:
● Clean and dry your product before the first use.
● The bases and seals are dishwasher safe. Remember to place them separately in the dishwasher. We recommend to place the seal in the upper drawer basket to avoid deformations.
Safety and Caution:
● DO NOT use in the microwave or freezer.
● When you seal the product ensure that you let the extra air our before you put away. This will keep the food inside fresher for longer.
Suitable to store cold foods only. Ensure food is cooled off before dishing into the That's a Bowl to avoid staining and damaging the bowl.
● The That's a Bowl range is not microwave, freezer or oven safe.
● Suitable for cold foods only.
● Storing the Bowls without the seal on helps prevent humidity and bad smells.
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