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Universal Cookware Stockpot (7L)

A great cooking experience with great quality cookware. The NEW Universal Cookware Set focuses on the essentials to take you from the simplest recipes for everyday cooking and into special, more complex dishes that will take your skills to the next level!
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A great cooking experience with great quality cookware. The NEW Universal Cookware Range focuses on the essentials to take you from the simplest recipes for everyday cooking and into special, more complex dishes that will take your skills to the next level!

Designed with smaller kitchens and more organised pantries in mind, all three pieces of cookware nest together to take up the space of a single one. And one lid covers every pot and pan!

Features and benefits:
• Set consists of Frying Pan with Coating (24cm); Stockpot (4L) & Stockpot (7L)
• Large Bakelite handles - designed to be comfortable to grab and give a feeling of safety..
• Encapsulated Bottom - three ply (1 layer of aluminum between 2 layers of stainless steel) makes cookware suitable for all type of stovetops. It prevents warping, ensures fast heating and even heat distribution.
• Waterless Cooking - the weighted glass cover allows for waterless cooking. Locks in nutrients and vitamins, preserves the taste of your food and creates delicious, healthy cooking without fat.
• Glass Cover - enables you to view contents while cooking.
• Spoon Rest on Cover - makes it easy to rest your utensils on top and keep your countertops mess free.
• Calibration - measure markings on inside makes it easy to measure and add up liquids.
• Space Saving - the three sizes nest perfectly to optimize space in drawers and cupboards.
• Tupperware logo on handle - every detail counts!
• Frying Pan (24cm) - ideal size for all your daily recipes. It heats up quickly and best shape for searing sausages, flat meats, burgers, fillets of fish, frying omelettes and stir-fry. Also perfect for traditional bacon and eggs or making pancakes.
• Stockpot (4L & 7L) - ideal for boiling rice, pap, potatoes and pasta. Cook healthy, delicious vegetables with minimum effort thanks to waterless cooking. Perfect for slow cooking meals and for cooking soups, stocks or stews.

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Safety and Caution:
● Dishwasher safe.
● NOT suitable for microwave, oven, grill or freezer use.
● Use a low-temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
● Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the product.
● Do not use sharp utensils in the pots/pans.
● Handles may get hot when cooking for long periods - use an oven glove if required.
How to Use - Waterless Cooking:
1. Rinse your vegetables.
2. Place contents in pot/pan and turn on heat source. Be sure to use the correct size pot/pan, one that the food nearly fills. Cooking with a pot/pan too large for the food can destroy vitamins and minerals, dry your foods and possibly cause the food to burn. For food with low humidity content, you might need to add a very minimal amount of water.
3. Place the lid on the pot/pan.
4. Adjust heat setting, usually medium heat to generate steam.
5. Lower the heat setting, usually between lowest to medium heat.
6. Cooking time would start from this point.
7. If you are concerned about cooking without water, add 30/45ml of water after rinsing your vegetables and cook as directed. As your confidence builds, you can lessen the amount of water used.
8. When finished cooking, test for doneness with a fork.
How to Clean:
● Allow cookware to cool gradually before cleaning. Do not rinse a hot pan with cold water, as it may cause hot grease to splatter or steam to be created, which could cause injury.
● Remove stuck or crusted-on food by soaking in hot water with dish detergent.
● Use only non-abrasive, non-chlorine cleansers with a sponge, nylon scrub brush or Tupperware Microfibre Towel.
● Do not use steel wool or metal products for cleaning your cookware, as they will scratch the product.
● Although Tupperware Universal Cookware is dishwasher safe, we recommend handwashing because the product could be damaged if it touches other pans or metal surfaces during the dishwashing cycle.
● To remove spots or stains use vinegar, baking soda or fresh lemon on the surface. Rinse and wash normally by hand.

At Tupperware, we have proudly backed our products with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence!
All Tupperware Brands products are guaranteed by Tupperware Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd. to perform under normal domestic use for lifetime of the product.
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