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Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty

It’s important that you read all the Use & Care guidelines that are included with each product purchased at Tupperware®. Tupperware® uses the highest quality raw material to produce the highest quality products. Each product that is produced at Tupperware® can only be used based on the instructions and guidelines included with the product on delivery. Incorrect usage will void the Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty.

What is the Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty?

Tupperware® products are warranted by Tupperware® Southern Africa (Ltd). and/or its parent company, Tupperware® Brands Inc., to the original owner, to be free of manufacturing defects and to perform under normal domestic conditions for the lifetime of the product.

The Tupperware® warranty is a voluntary service provided by the Tupperware® company to cover material or manufacturing defects in Tupperware® products.

Are all Tupperware® products covered by the Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty?

No. The Tupperware® Warranty does not apply to advertising media and third-party products (e.g. cooler bags or boxes, bags, vacuum cleaners, books, fashion accessories, electrical appliances and gadgets etc.) and parts that wear out from everyday use (e.g. metal blades, grating and cutting inserts, pulling mechanisms, microfibre cloths etc.), or for products that are consumed (e.g. culinary essences).

What does statutory warranty mean?

By law, every buyer of a new product has the right to request a new, defect-free product from the seller if a defect becomes apparent within two years of delivery and the other requirements for the statutory warranty are met.

If the product has worn out from normal use, is it a defect?

No. Signs of wear and tear or signs of use on the product are due to their everyday use.

Will the Lifetime Tupperware® Warranty also be available online?

The Tupperware® Warranty applies to products that you purchase through a Tupperware® Distributorship or on the Tupperware® online store.

What happens if I have a legitimate complaint, that is, a warranty claim exists, but the product no longer exists? (Service credit)

Tupperware® will then provide a replacement with a service credit for which you can choose your favorite product from the current Tupperware® catalogue. A cash payment of the credit is not possible. If a product is selected below the value of the service credit, the remaining amount is forfeited; if the value is higher, you only pay the difference.

How long is the service credit valid?

The service credit has to be redeemed immediately and directly at the issuing Tupperware® Distributorship via your Consultant. If you have a service credit on your online purchase you will be contacted by the Customer Service Agent that will guide you through the process.

What happens to the defective products that you take back?

Damaged Tupperware® products should not be disposed of in the dustbin, but can always be returned to Tupperware®. We will either recycle and reuse the material ourselves for NON FOOD application or make it available to other plastics manufacturers.

Can I also redeem my service credit online?

This service is currently unavailable online.

What is covered under the Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty?

We will replace any product or part thereof that, under normal domestic use, shows a manufacturing defect.

In addition to benefiting from legal warranty covering hidden flaws in normal conditions use:

  • Functional issues
  • Unintentional damage in normal domestic usage

IMPORTANT: Whilst every effort is made to replace your defective product with the same product, Tupperware® cannot guarantee the same exchange/replacement for the exact same product due to product enhancements and seasonal changes.

Click here for full information on what is covered under our Lifetime Warranty.

What is not covered under the Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty?

For Use & Care information you can refer to the detailed product pages or to the leaflet that was included with your product.

Click here for full information on what is not covered under our Lifetime Warranty.

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