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The slim Wipes Dispenser (650ml) is an attractive and convenient dispenser to take wipes on-the-go or to use at home and ensure they stay moist, while being easy to pull out.
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The slim Wipes Dispenser (650ml) is an attractive and convenient dispenser to take wipes on-the-go or to use at home and ensure they stay moist, while being easy to pull out.
Keep one in the baby bag, one in your car, one in the bathroom, one in your handbag.…wherever you need wipes!

Key features and benefits:
The Wipes Dispensers are available in two heights.
The container is composed of a base and a seal with cap.
The Wipes Dispensers can be opened in two ways: open the seal for an easy refill or open the cap to pull out wipes one at a time.
The cap is in a baby friendly flower shape and was designed to be very easy to open or close, even with one hand. It will stay open while in use.
The seal and the cap have a tight closure, ensuring that moisture does not escape, even when the wipes are taken out of their original packaging.
The base is see-through making it easy to check whether a refill is needed.
The Wipes Dispensers becomes a decorative item at home or on-the-go thanks to the colourful and cute design.
The high quality Wipes Dispensers can be refilled and used over and over again.
Also ideal to store and dispense tissues.

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Base Colour Sheer Margarita
Capacity 650ml
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Safety and Caution:
● Not for microwave or freezer use.
● Dishwasher safe.
● Never let a baby play unsupervised with the Wipes Box.
● Keep all components not in use out of reach of children.
How to Use:
● To fill the base: open the seal by simply peeling it off using the tab. You can place a large wipes refill pack without its original packaging in the Wipes Box High. Smaller refills will fit in the Wipes Box Low, or you can take a pile of about 2cm out of a large pack of wipes. Close the Box by walking your fingers around the rim of the seal.
● To pull the wipes: Place your finger in the cut-out of the seal and lift the cap. Pull one wipe through the hole in the seal – the next one will then automatically appear as well, ready to be pulled out (except for some wipes that are not intertwined).
● All baby, children and personal care wipe dimensions available on the market will fit into the boxes. It also works for all kinds of household wipes such as window or kitchen cleaning wipes, except for the larger wipes like e.g. mops.
● The low size is perfect for taking only a small quantity of wipes for outings or trips as it is slim and light.
● Keep a Box of wipes in the baby bag, in the car, at the grand parents’, etc...
● You can position the Wipes Box Low either way in the Baby Bag front pocket: tab up or down, depending how you prefer to open the cap; simply ensure that the flower cap appears at the front.
● This allows for easy single-handed access through the wide opening – a very smart and handy feature while on-the-go or while holding your baby in your arms as you do not need to open the bag.
How to Clean:
● Wash your Wipes Boxes regularly for a better hygiene. Use a low temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
● When changing baby, have the Wipes Box next to the changing mat, within easy reach.
● Thanks to the one-handed opening you can keep one hand on your baby while grabbing a wipe with your other hand.
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