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All Tupperware® Brand products are warranted by Tupperware® Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd to perform under normal domestic use for the lifetime of the product. At Tupperware®, we have proudly backed our products with a lifetime warranty for over 75 years, so you can buy with confidence!

Tupperware® Southern Africa will replace any Tupperware® product that under normal domestic use, shows a defect on material or function. In instances where the same product is unavailable for replacement, a comparable product replacement will be made. If a replacement is unavailable and there is no comparable product, the customer is given the option to choose any other product to the same value from the current Catalogue or current Promotion. With the exception of our Microwave & Ovenware range and products that indicate the microwave reheatable sign, our products are NOT recommended for microwave oven use. With the exception of the Freezer Mate Range and products that indicate the freezer safe sign, our products are NOT recommended for freezer use. Tupperware products are warranted against manufacturing defects in addition to benefiting from legal warranty covering hidden flaws in normal conditions of use.

What is covered under the Lifetime Warranty?
Manufacturing defects
Functional issues
What is NOT covered under Lifetime Warranty?
Incorrect usage
Product Abuse
Intentional Damages
Industrial / commercial usage
Aesthetic issues
Normal wear and tear during usage
Dropped products or impact damage

There will be no replacement on products based on the following:

product is stained due to food (for example: tomato sauce, carrots, curry, spices etc.)
product is poorly cleaned (for example: stickiness, stains, mould, rust, odours etc.)
product has melted, burnt or blistered due to incorrect usage – no matter the source of energy used (for example: if food is cooked at too-high a temperature or for too long, or if food contains a high fat or sugar content, burning or blistering of the product can occur.)
product or the seal is warped or deformed due to high temperatures (for example: incorrect placement in the dishwasher or incorrect usage in the microwave)
product is broken or cracked due to incorrect usage (dropped or impact damage)
product is damaged over time due to external factors and has become worn and scratched (for example: due to knives, cutlery, metal utensils etc.)
product measurements or markings have rubbed off (for example: due to abrasive powder, detergent or sponge/scourer)
product has been nibbled/chewed or ruined by an animal
Important: Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty does not apply to metal parts such knives, blades, graters etc.
Tupperware® Cookware Range:

The Tupperware® Cookware Range has a 3 year warranty for any manufacturing or material related issue.

The non-stick coating has a warranty up to 3 years from date of delivery.

Proof of purchase to be retained and submitted for these claims.

What is NOT covered under the Cookware Warranty?

Markings have been rubbed off / abraded due to abrasive powder
Using the incorrect detergent, sponge or wrong dishwasher settings
White marks on the stainless steel bases
Holes in the bottom/pitting corrosion caused by salt
Blue-known marks on the stainless steel bases
Non-stick coating is damaged caused by scratches
Non-stick coating is damaged caused by incorrect storing
Browning, loss of coating or peeling

What is NOT covered under the Bakeware Warranty?

Disappearance of printed measurements with evidence of use of a scouring sponge or pad
Peeling, cracks, cuts or broken seam
Shedding or worn-out bristles
Tupperware® Defective Returns:

All defective products to be returned that were purchased on the Tupperware® online store must follow the following process:

Contact the Tupperware® online Customer Care Department on 0800 600 891 or on [email protected]
Supply the order number for the item purchased and two images at two different angles to support the defective return in question
Online Customer Care Agent will assess and notify the customer of the assessment
This process can take up to 2 weeks to be completed but we will try our best to ensure that all defective items are prioritized.

All defective products to be returned that were purchased through a Consultant must follow the exchange process with their Consultant or through a Distributorship.

The distributorship will assess the defective return at the Distributorship.
If the defective is approved it will be exchanged at the Distributorship immediately.

Note: There is no guarantee that the replacement of defective products will be replaced in the exact same color or product, due to the product and range offering that is seasonal.

All replacement claims are assessed at Tupperware®'s discretion.

Tupperware® Reliability and Safety:
Tupperware® Brands continue to be distinguished by a legacy of ongoing innovation and high quality products and is fully committed to their reliability and safety. We always use materials approved for food contact by governing bodies around the world and test our finished products with qualified external laboratories. However, Tupperware® Brands products are not intended to be recycled, for nearly 70 years our extensive, durable product line continues to encourage households worldwide to reduce waste, save energy and lead healthier lifestyles. We actively seek to find new and creative ways to preserve the environment. This includes new opportunities for Tupperware® material reuse and reduction. To learn more about our commitment to preserving our future, please visit
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