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"The name says it all. Hot Food On-The-Go gives a simple, practical and mess-free solution to take a home-made meal with you and reheat it on the spot. Features and Benefits:
*Skip the cafeteria or restaurant lines and bring healthy, homemade food with you to work or school.
*Safe on the go choice for busy students, parents, and workers, thanks to the leak proof seal.
*Food can be reheated in the microwave , thanks to the heat-resistant material and valve on the seal.
*Splatter-free microwave since the sea; prevents splatters during microwave heating and its valve prevents pressure build-up by letting steam escape.
*All-in-one! Includes a snap-in-place fork, knife and spoon. "
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Base Colour Sheer Margarita
Capacity 1.5L
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*Do not use sharp or metal utensils *Not safe for use in the oven *Dishwasher safe *Safe for use in the microwave *Not safe for use with grill/broil function *Not for freezer
*When reheating for more than 2 minutes in the microwave (MAX 600W), stop and stir to ensure even reheating, then reheat in 1 min periods if needed. Be sure to replace the cover after stirring food during reheating. *After reheating, remove the product from the microwave and let it rest on the worktop for a few minutes to allow the temperature to distribute evenly. *If food is overcooked in the microwave oven, it can reach temperatures in excess of 120°C, which can cause damage to the containers. Take particular care with small quantities of food, or foods with high fat or sugar content such as gravy, sugar syrups, bacon, and meat on the bone. *Check small amounts of high-risk foods every 30 seconds after the first minute of cooking. Fill the product up to 2 cm below the upper rim. *Open the small venting cap before placing the sealed bowl in the microwave to prevent steam build-up
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