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VentSmart™ is a range of revolutionary containers made to store vegetables and fruits in the fridge in optimal conditions, to keep them fresh for longer. Because breathing is vital.
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VentSmart™ is a range of revolutionary containers made to store vegetables and fruits in the fridge in optimal conditions, to keep them fresh for longer. Because breathing is vital.

Features and benefits:
• Fruits and vegetables are often subject to quick spoiling. The unique venting system of VentSmart™ containers helps to regulate the atmosphere inside the container by balancing the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide passing in and out of the container, and can be adjusted according to the type of vegetables or fruits stored. That way the food is kept fresh for longer.
• Thanks to the VentSmart™ technology:
- You are encouraged to buy more healthy, fresh vegetables and fruits.
- You are able to buy larger quantities of fresh food at once.
- You will waste less food.
- You save money.
• The sleek and modern design of the VentSmart™ range looks good in every fridge.
• Each product includes a transparent base and a seal containing the air circulation system with slider.
• The transparent, see-through container allows you to easily identify the food inside.
• The built-in grid keeps the contents away from moisture that might collect at the bottom. That way, the vegetables or fruits do not lie directly in the moisture; it even raises small food like mushrooms, Brussels sprouts or strawberries.
• The grid also ensures air circulation around the food.
• The grid pattern is comfortable to clean and dry. This grid contains 4 sloped channels that make sure that most of the water flows out when the container is drying upside down in the dishwasher or on the countertop. These channels keep the water from pooling.
• Thanks to the grid pattern, the containers can be stacked on top of each other without hindering the ventilation system.
• The bases nest comfortably together so that they are space saving when not in use.
• The highly practical VentSmart™ seals are easy to open and close. The shape and design, with an opening tab on one corner make them easy to apply and pull off.
• Each seal has an integrated air circulation system with a Slider.
• The air circulation system is optimised for better conservation of the container’s content. The Medium seal has bigger venting holes than the small seal.
• Thanks to the optimised venting system, the venting holes are hidden under the slider and are discreetly integrated into the elegant design.
• The size of the slider is generous, which makes it easy to handle.
• This also ensures that you will not easily lose the slider, e.g. when disassembling for cleaning and drying
• The slider can be put in 3 different positions: half open, closed or open; depending on the content of your container.
• Under the slider, steps are marked for each position. That way, the slider is more easily guided into the right position.
• The tab in the slider does not only enable you to handle and position the slider, but it also serves as an indicator for placing the slider in the right ventilation position with the corresponding pictogram under it.
• The graphics of the circles on the pictogram correspond to the graphics on the food chart.
• Food chart
- To make it easier to understand how to use the venting system, a clear overview of the most common vegetables and fruits is included.
- As the food chart is integrated in the container via an in-mould label, you always have the instructions close at hand.
- The clear artwork enables you to quickly check the vegetable or fruit before storage.
- The graphics of the holes (half open, closed and open) on the food chart correspond with the pictogram on the seal.
- The high containers have 1 food chart showing the vegetables and fruits.

*The product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Price excludes product contents and any accessories used for display purposes.
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Base Colour Sheer Purple Daisy
Colour Purple Daisy
Capacity 1.8L
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*Not for use in the microwave *Dishwasher safe *Not for freezer
VentSmart Containers have a special three-way venting system that helps regulate the atmosphere inside the container by balancing the flow of oxygen coming in and carbon dioxide going out. Slider can be used in 3 different positions: Half Open: When the slider tab is aligned with the half circle on the pictogram, the small opening in the seal is open for light venting. Closed: When the slider tab is aligned with the fully etched circle in the middle of the pictogram, both openings in the seal are closed. Fully Open: When the slider tab is aligned with the hollow, glossy circle on the pictogram, the big opening in the seal is open for full venting. What’s more? The handy produce chart to identify the venting slider position is printed within the layers of the refrigerator storage container so it won’t fade or wash off over time. The lid is easy to open thanks to the tab in the corner. The built-in grid at the bottom of the base keeps contents away from moisture and ensures air circulation around food. The shape of the base is optimized to allow air to flow between containers when stacked. When they are not in use, they can nested for compact storage, even between different sizes.

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