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Fresh tasting water, anytime! The Eco Waterfilter Pitcher allows you to have clear water for great tasting drinking water, for better tasting tea and coffee or drinks while improving the visual appearance of your drinks.
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Fresh tasting water, anytime! The Eco Waterfilter Pitcher allows you to have clear water for great tasting drinking water, for better tasting tea and coffee or drinks while improving the visual appearance of your drinks.

Filtered water from tap water can replace bottled water without compromising taste or health. It is better for the environment as you do not throw away plastic bottles. Even better than the systems with disposable cartridges such as Brita: Refill the Cartridge instead of throwing it away! You will also make significant savings. According to the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management, tap water is, on average, 500 times cheaper than bottled water.

Features and benefits:
• The Waterfilter Pitcher has a total capacity of 2.1L and can keep 1.8L of water. The sturdy double handle gives a safe grip and is comfortable to hold. Its slim profile makes it suitable to store in the fridge.
• The Hopper or reservoir is stable and fixed inside the Pitcher. There is a small step inside to indicate the maximum filling line. It is higher than the actual Pitcher and has two tabs for lifting it off easily. The spout cover protects the content from dust and insects.
• The universal Filter Cartridge is filled with the filtering granulate. This granulate can be easily poured inside the Cartridge. The Cartridge consists of 2 components (base and cover) and one Mesh which prevents the granulate from getting outside the filter system.
• The Cover slides onto the Hopper securely and a cap on the generous spout protects the content. The Cover also features good grips on the sides to remove gently. The Waterfilter Pitcher’s Dial is placed on the outside of the cover to indicate when the Cartridge content has to be changed.
• The Active Carbon Water Filtration Sachet provided is composed of Carbon/Ion Exchange Resin that filter water. It reduces lime scale (water hardness), taste and odours, heavy metals and substances like chlorine.
• For optimum filtration replace the Active Carbon every 4 weeks or 150L.

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Base Colour Sheer Tropical Water
Colour Tropical Water
Dimensions 23 (L) x 11 (w) x 27 (h) cm high
Capacity 1L
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Safety And Caution:
DO NOT use in the freezer or microwave.
● Use a low-temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
● Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the product.
● Maximum amount of filtered water per granulate filling: 150L (depending on tap water composition).
● Do not use the Waterfilter Pitcher in case your water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality.
● The Cartridge should be kept wet at all times. If the filter is not used for 1 or 2 days, soak the cartridge again for 15 minutes and do not use the first filling. After that, the filter works normally again.
● It is recommended to store the Waterfilter Pitcher away from direct sunlight.
How to assemble:
1. Place the Hopper into the Pitcher, aligning the cap on the spout.
2. Place the Cartridge filled with the Active Carbon Sachet into the Hopper (follow the instructions when refilling the Granulate).
3. Fill the Hopper with water. if the Hopper has been filled completely already once, the filling line has to be respected in order to prevent overfilling.
4. Place the cover aligning the cut out to the spout.
5. If you are not planning to use the Pitcher in the next days you can seal the Hopper, assemble it and fill with water to keep the Cartridge wet.
To fill or re-fill the cartridge:
1. Open the Cartridge and remove the old granulate and discard (not suitable for composting). Clean carefully and dry all parts of the Waterfilter Pitcher properly.
2. Open a new refill sachet with granulate and fill the content into the Cartridge.
3. After filling, close the Cartridge securely.
4. Fill your Pitcher with water (without using the Hopper) and soak the Cartridge for 15 minutes. The soaking ensures that the granulate works best to provide filtered water.
5. After soaking, put the Cartridge into the Hopper and remove the water from the Pitcher. Put the Hopper together with the Cartridge into the Waterfilter Pitcher.
6. Fill the Hopper with water and wait until the water is filtered. This process has to be done twice. DO NOT drink the first 2 portions of filtered water. It can be used for e.g. watering flowers. As from the 3rd filling, the water can be used.
7. Reset the filter indicator dial located on the cover. Put it 4 weeks ahead in order to know when the next refilling has to be done. Each engraved bar represents a week.
•Place the pitcher in the fridge to have clean, clear and fresh filtered water always at hand for drinking throughout the day and during meals.
•Boil filtered water for preparing hot drinks.
•Mix with juice concentrates and powdered mixes for drinks with real flavour.
•Use filtered water when cooking, e.g. cleaning, steaming or boiling vegetables, when making broth or soup.
•Use with the MicroGourmet to reduce lime deposit in the Water Reservoir.
•Fill the ice tray with filtered water for clear clean ice cubes.
•Make your Waterfilter pitcher a stay-cold pitcher – remove the filter, seal the Hopper, fill with ice and place in the pitcher. It will serve as a cooling element keeping the drink chilled without diluting.
•Filtered water makes better tasting infant formula, make sure to boil after filtering for babies under 12 months.
•Filtered water is also suitable for pets and plants.
Clean and dry product (all components) before first usage.
All parts of the Waterfilter Pitcher are dishwasher safe except the granulate filling. Rinse the Cartridge well before putting it in the dishwasher to avoid black particles deposit.
Use a low temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
It is recommended to clean the Waterfilter Pitcher and Hopper once a week. The filled Cartridge can be taken out and stored aside.

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