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Only the best for your baby!! They are your everything, so it makes sense to to give them the best quality to ensure they grow up heathy and strong.
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Only the best for your baby!! They are your everything, so it makes sense to to give them the best quality to ensure they grow up heathy and strong.

Key features and benefits

Formula Dispenser:
• Makes feeding time simple and convenient and will be very welcome for all parents with babies, for drinking formula/powdered milk both at home and especially when travelling.
• Baby formula manufacturers recommend that fresh feeds be made up when needed, so there's no chance of the milk getting bad while you're out and about.
• This handy little container carries 3 pre-measured doses of powdered formula in separate compartments allowing you to prepare 3 meals whenever needed.
• Just measure your powdered formula into one, two or all three compartments (depending on how many bottles you need). At feeding time, slide the spout over your selected compartment, and pour into a bottle. Add water and bon appetite, baby!
• The pouring spout is especially designed to ensure no spills of the pre-measured amount of powdered milk when pouring into the narrow baby bottle.
• The shape is ideal for the mother or father to hold easily while preparing the bottle, so it does not slip out of your hand.
• Ideal for use with all bottle and formula brands. This 3 section dispenser holds 3 x 240ml servings and is ideal for home or day-care (each compartment holds 8 spoons of milk powder for bottles of 240ml (1 spoon per 30ml water)).
• A snap tight lid and easy-pour spout make feeding on the go simple!
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Capacity 250ml
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Safety and Caution:
● Dishwasher safe.
● NOT suitable for microwave or freezer use.
● Use a low-temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
● Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the product.
To use Formula Dispenser:
• To close the container: it is important to position the cover over the base, making sure that the grooves are aligned with the equivalent dividers inside. Make sure it is completely closed.
• To remove the cover: prise up the extended tap on the cover.
• Use the Formula Dispenser anywhere — in the home, out of doors, on the move, in the car, walking around the shopping centre.
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