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Become an icing pro with the Tupperware Decorating Bag! Decorate cakes, cupcakes, pastries, biscuits, appetizers and desserts with ease.
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Become an icing pro with the Tupperware Decorating Bag! Decorate cakes, cupcakes, pastries, biscuits, appetizers and desserts with ease.

Features and Benefits:
• the set includes a plastic coated decorating bag, five decorating nozzles and a screw-in adaptor which holds the nozzle in place.
• the bag is easy to fill and to clean and the plastic coating helps to keep its shape and c o l o u r.
• four lines on the outside of the bag indicate how far to fold the bag back when filling with different quantities of mixture, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml.
• the five nozzles are sheer so you can see and control the mixture as you push it out.
• the nozzles: an open star, a closed star, a fine thread, a shell, and a long filler tube.
• each nozzle screws in securely so it cannot be pushed out in use and it is simple to change the nozzle during decorating without having to empty the bag.
• the nozzles nest together to store and different edge details help to identify the nozzles when they are stacked.
• the bag has a small fastening so that the nozzles and adaptor can be folded in the bag and secured and the set kept together to store so you do not lose the nozzles.
• the bag can be hung by the loop to dry thoroughly.

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Base Colour Dark Gray
Capacity 1L
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*Not for use in the microwave *Not safe for use in the dishwasher *Not for freezer
To use: Fit the adaptor inside the bag then screw in the selected nozzle from the outside. Fold back the bag to the line which corresponds to the quantity of mixture to be used and hold the bag by the neck thus formed, then fill. Unfold the top, support the bag loosely with one hand and twist the top of the bag with the other hand to close. This will squeeze out any air pockets and fill the nozzle. Guide nozzle with one hand as you exert steady pressure with the other hand to pipe the filling. You can change the nozzle while decorating without having to open the bag.

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