5 creative ways to use your Christmas leftovers

Have a fridge full of Christmas leftovers? Here are 5 easy ways to repurpose them. Don’t be afraid to get creative with these recipes—zero-waste and awesome taste is the end goal ;)

Mix it into a salad

Salads offer many fun and versatile ways to freshen up your leftovers. Chop remaining turkey or chicken up with cherry tomatoes and chives, then mix it with couscous or quinoa and rocket for an exotic Peruvian salad. There’s also a colorful potato salad option if you have leftover potatoes and veg.

Pro Tip: Opt for loose salad greens as they are generally more affordable and package free.

Make a soup

Soups are a wholesome and easy way to make the most of Christmas leftovers. Mix and blend all your leftover vegetables up with chicken, garlic, ginger, and saffron for a delicious detox chicken soup. You can also spice up your leftovers by adding them to zesty Indian chickpea soup.

Pro Tip: Soup can be repurposed into a yummy soup stock to complement a roast, or turned into a dreamy sauce for your leftover pasta dish

Burger or Wrap

Stumped over what to do with leftover Christmas stuffing? Why not ground it with leftover Christmas lamb and turn it into a mouth-watering lamb burger with herb yoghurt. Alternatively, you could make a leftover Christmas burger, or get creative and wrap your leftover ingredients into a wrap – perfect for leftover curries, grains, vegetables, and meat.

Toss it into a pasta

Pasta dishes are a great way to repurpose leftovers as comfort food. You could add leftover vegetables and meaty offcuts to a classic Italian Bolognese spaghetti bowl, or use your leftovers straight out the freezer in a Caprese pasta salad, or pasta frittata.

Freeze It

Store your favourite leftovers that you just can’t get to right now, in Freezer Mates and stack them in the freezer. You can always reheat and repurpose them at a later stage into one of the recipes above, because the best kind of food is the food that doesn’t go to waste

Freezer Tip: Pack the older frozen food items towards the front of the freezer shelves, this will help you remember to finish older items first, before moving onto fresher frozen goods.

Repurposing food for the greater good

Looking for more ways to give back with your leftovers? Why not host a second Christmas dinner party for your friends. You can also encourage everyone to bring a leftover recipe of their own. If you have unused and uncooked food items, there’s also the opportunity to donate to local charities and those in need.

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