Bring A Little Brownie Magic To The Table

Earl Tupper created our very first innovation back in 1946: the legendary Tupperware bowl. But it was Brownie Wise who created the innovation that would put them in homes everywhere: the legendary Tupperware Party. This month we celebrate Brownie’s birthday...and Brownie herself. Because without her, we wouldn’t be the same.

Brownie Wise

Before 1950, Earl was selling the bowls in hardware stores—and not very many of them! Brownie saw the potential in those bowls, and not just in the kitchen. She saw the potential for women to share them with their friends and family. And in the process build a career and even bolster their community!

Her idea took off from there and today, across the world, there are more than 3 million people in 81 countries who are a part of what Brownie started. Through brides-to-be, book clubs, and monthly catch-ups with friends, Tupperware parties are still an event that ties us together.

To celebrate Brownie's birthday, Tupperware has created a birthday cake topped with a Brownie Wise figurine surrounded by candles.

The wisdom of Brownie Wise

Brownie’s legacy spans continents and generations. Over 70 years later, we have over 3 million people in over 75 countries who are a living testament to the power of her idea that Tupperware is much more than bowls. We help people cook, entertain, nourish and navigate their busy lives with confidence and ease.

Brownie’s story became our own story. To help women around the world believe in their own potential; in the kitchen, with their families and in their community. We inspire like Brownie did.

The wisdom of Brownie Wise